Friday, February 15

Part of the Club

Being part of a guild is alot like being part of a Club.. i've been a member of Scouting (yarly.. mock or praise me but i had fun most of the time) for over 10 years and it had all the elements i see in my guild again.
Activities, drama, frustration, work, stress, fun, friendship... stuff like that.
The largest part of this i've been a scoutmaster in which time i've done some crazy things and acted out some weird characters, thinking back of it still makes me smile. At the end it started to feel more like work tho and it seemed to suck the energy out of me instead of returning it so i called it.
As i had a new hobby and the extra freed up time could be spend on behind the screen activities in my guild, aswell as the new house that i would get a few months later i wasn't too scared to get bored.

But in this Club you had the same things as in an average guild. Luckily we don't have drama in our guild as often as our Scoutinggroup had, about every week someone would have an unreasonable fit... and while the people i surrounded me with could laugh about it, it did have it's effect on us nowadays.
Behind our backs we heared bad stuff about us, "we were too powerfull in the group", "we had it easy as we had such good and skilled people", "we were getting all the good attention".. what kind of rant is that? I suppose other people envy our Guild aswell so that's sort of the same, sure there are Guilds on our server who have progressed further into MH/BT but it's not about the endgoal, it's about the journey.

Most of the time Scouting was fun ofcourse, just as the interaction in our guild is. With a warm heart i think back to those nights around the campfire where we would share our most twisted stories, eventho it was often freakin' cold out there. Or guildchat has this aswell at times... twisted + stories mostly, but without the charcoal scent and the frozen back.
The one thing i'm missing is the physical activity, i'm becoming one with my chair and i realy have to do some sports soon.

Our guild has drama aswell ofcourse, the officers don't always agree but as long as we have the same goal that doesn't matter.. different opinions help actually. We have some bad apples who would rather see leave us, others who contribute to the activities but not to the conversations (which is fine aswell) or contribute too much or in a way that you wonder how much wine has been consumed on that side of the net. (didn't get drunk on Scouting but some people sure acted like it)
Sometimes i wish i would have drank tho, would have made it easier getting up on stage dressed as a Pirate in front of 150 people alot easier.. besides it might have made sure i was able to talk afterwards, shouting "Yaarr!" and rasping the throat constantly was quite a strain. (as the other dude insisted using the microphone...) Just the night before i was dressed as a rasta where my own kids didn't even recognize me, damn that was a fun weekend.
But i do still dress up, with Epics this time or when using something like Savory delight, guess it's not entirely the same but this is my story okay?

Good thing i found a new Club to hang out with otherwise i would have surely started missing my previous one.
Just a shame it's not as much fun/accepted to talk about what you experienced in a game, sometimes i feel like i didn't my own legacy the last 3 years... but then again, it's about my journey... not about the journal.

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