Thursday, February 21

I R Imba!

A nice little website i found at BRK called Be Imba! gave me some fun while checking out my toons this morning.
This tool (the first online character auditor as they call themselves), while it's far from complete or perfect, grabs your toons information from the Wow armory and determines your characters "worth".
Depending on the score it tells you if that toon is more perfect to run Karazhan with or that you are up for the Black temple.
It also informs you on stats on items which are lacking like you may have the wrong gems or enchants... or even "forgot" them.

I linked it on my guilds forums and straight away people started comparing their gear which resulted in conclusions on how to improve their or others gear.
Sure it's not perfect, your hitrating is very likely to be adressed as insufficient as it calculates how far you are off the cap for example while the "sweetspot" is often lower. (beyond that point the dpsgain is minimal compared to the ammount of hitrating needed)

My own toons where quickly put to the test.

    My main (Hunter) was missing 24 hitrating, i was aware i was a bit low so nothing new there.
    It seems my gear is good enough to be raiding Hyjal and Black Temple, well thats convenient.

    This Protection Warrior alt had a few remarks actually: My hit was too low (as expected) and so was my expertise (expected again but no items with expertise apart from what i have is in reach of this alt). It seems that i have 3 defense too much, not too shocking.
    My weapon was enchanted with Potency which resulted in a "misenchanted item", altho i would have enchanted it with something more expensive if this would have been my main i still don't agree with this.
    The suggested instances are ZA, TK and SSC.. again makes sense as i already knew as an alt there wasn't any place where i could get better gear at this time (without mainswitching and being able to raid beyond Kara).

    My Enhancement Shaman also had a few remarks, again a misenchanted item.. i had a cheap +8sta enchant on my blue legs which i hoped to replace soon. My Main fistweapon is missing an enchant but with just 3k honor away from a better one i didn't want to spend cash on this.
    4 items are appointed as "low level" as they are blue ones, most mid-end 70's. (eventho most upgrades from Kara will be mostly sidegrades)
    I also lack hitrating it claims but that is because it seems to require your OH to have a miss chance of zero aswell, not very realistic.
    The suggestion for this toon is to do ZA, Magtheridon and Gruul... again not very likely i will be able to do those with this alt.
All and all fun to play a bit with and compare yourself to classmates, if you register (free) you can even compare people in your (or any) guild which can give you an overview of all your tanks on one page for example. You can scale down the required hit rating when using this tool aswell for a more realistic view.

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Bansidhe said...

Thanks for linking this. My guild had entirely too much fun with this, and I have a better idea of where I need to make improvements.