Tuesday, February 5

One bad raiding sheep

Yesterday i managed to get my Enhancement Shaman into the Karazhan raid after i did 5 instance runs on Sathurday to get the key.
I had saved up some nice gear (couple of epics even) and had taken care of gems and enchants (just missing 3 on items i was gonna replace this week), still there was a chance there wasn't a spot for a shaman or that i was required to come on my tank... which would have been fine aswell but i was curious how well my latest alt would perform in a raid.
To my surprise i didn't do bad... i was a bit undergeared compared to other dps but i didn't do halfbad imo, i even managed to beat a full epic lock (but more on that in a bit) and another alt. Most importantly i had fun seeing things from another point of view.
Also the use of totems added something extra where i adapted the choice of totem depending on the group and situation, for example as i was in the tank group i dropped a Windfury totem so the tanks would have higher threat generation eventho i lost some crit due tho not having the Grace of Air totem.
I'm looking forward to the next run where i can use my new weapon which i will be able to buy today with my saved honor.

But back to that lock, there was actually a reason why his dps was so bad.... it was booze. This guy was having a good time and showed up tipsy for the raid (yeah i wrote about this guy before). He was quite chatty on teamspeak and the further we got into Karazhan, the harder it was to understand what he was actually saying... it sounded exactly like a stereotype drunk.
At first it was actually a bit funny but when things seemed to got worse we started to worry, this guy was gonna wipe us sooner or later.
I had already put him on ignore on teamspeak as i couldn't focus on the game as it was starting to irritate me and that might have been the sign i should have done something about it.

We came to the trash just before Curator where you get to of those Sentinals which targets a random player which then starts dealing damage around him, that person has then to move away from the group to avoid killing his buddies. At this point this lock was so hammered we decided to let him stand aside away from the group... he had the hardest time understanding this order, first standing in the exact opposite corner and then wondering if he needed to tank one of the mobs. Ironicly it wasn't him who wiped us there but one of the tanks who got a disconnect.

After we recovered we moved on and started clearing some more trash, only after 4 packs we noticed that our lock was still in the position where we rezzed him... there was no reaction from him in chat or on teamspeak. What we feared became reality, he had passed out on his keyboard or something leaving us one man short. We had a replacement come over but until this lock would log-out due to timeout we wouldn't be able to get him in.
So we stood before the Curator with just 9 people, including a bunch of alts and two protection tanks.. a boss which was a damage check.
We decided to just give it a shot and we downed it amazingly easy, just seconds after the second evocation.
Still the officers who were along smacked themselves on their heads for not replacing the lock when he was still able to find his heartstone button... we were afraid it wouldn't have gone down too well with him but actually he's lucky we've taken this so well.
One this has come out of this little halfway fiasco.. we have a new (unwritten atm) rule: no drunk raiding!


Wow Panda said...

I should come here more often, your blog is constantly updated and funny too :-)

Bruthah said...

Yikes. I think you have just forced me to realize that our guild officers are a bunch of alcoholics. At least two of us are "comfortable" on the 25-mans, more often than not. lol

Hurm.... This makes me want to design a sobriety test addon. If you can't click the little circles in the correct order, you are too drunk to raid!

Anonymous said...

Hurm.... This makes me want to design a sobriety test addon. If you can't click the little circles in the correct order, you are too drunk to raid!

Actually there is one in game....just make everybody complete the crystal-daily in BEM just before the raid for them to be eligle ;-)