Monday, February 4

No High 5 Kael'thas

This is actually a bit of old news as we killed the last boss in The Eye last Friday already but due to my non-blogging policy during Wowdays you get the news now :P
It was actually quite impressive imo, after we had to got to bed on Thursday leaving him behind on 9% we were pretty sure we would get him on Friday.
And then we one-shotted Kael'Thas... who could have suspected that?

So we passed the final roadblock and can finally set foot in Mount Hyjall (which we did straight away ofc) and soon in the Black Temple aswell.

In the weekend i also spoke to someone who's guild had killed all in SSC and TK except for Vashj and Kael.. seems they had trouble getting past them, which i can perfectly well understand. But not been able to make the slightest progress messes with morale aswell.
After doing a bunch of attempts they often would break it of and would go farm some other content. Their theory seems to be they need better gear for it, so they farm content and disenchant most drops anyway. (i've been told)
Obviously i don't agree with this... these tactics require alot of practice and great commication, gear is just a side factor in most situations.
I myself still have quite a few Karazhan epics, not even the T4 headpiece, and there are many among us who could use quite a few upgrades from SSC and TK.

Wiping aint fun but practice makes perfect.
Ow how a wise "man" would say it: "No fun wiping is, perfect by practice!"

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