Monday, February 25

An Instance (dis)like

Some instance make you curl your toes... you ask in guild chat "What's today's Heroic?" and get as response "Auchenai Crypts" Ah... never mind then.
This can have various reasons, perhaps you wiped endlessly in that instance in the past (and it might be an unprofound fear now), you still can't fully handle the instance or it's just something in the scenery that makes you hate it.

When i look back Molten Core was one of the most uninspiring instance i've ever done... no pretty scenery, just stone and red lava all throughout the instance. Also the trash was mostly the same (flame imp, corehound, fire elemental, stone elemental... think that's it). But did i hate it? For some reason i didn't, perhaps as it was my first raid instance. Blackwing Lair was allot better and i liked this instance allot as well.
But the Temple of Ahn'Quiraj, that was simply horrible. Not sure what i hated about it, it was more creative then MC but there was something about i simply couldn't stand, perhaps because it was filled with bugs.

In the Burning Crusade Karazhan was the first raid instance and i had a feel for it quite fast. I still love to do it on one of my alts and even on my main if i'm in need of badges. An other guildy hated it soo much though that he totally quite the raiding game for a while, it was only later that he picked it up again and forced himself into this instance to get some gear.
I myself didn't get orgasmic with the Serpent shrine Caverns, what a boring place. Sure it's cool you are high above the water but it felt like a reskinned MC to me mostly, maybe it was this "old skool" feeling they tried to reproduce here. Most boss fights were worth the trouble though as most were pretty much fun to do.
Once i stepped into Tempest Keep: The Eye i appreciated SSC allot more, this was even worse! Big rooms with narrow paths in between with hardly any decoration or details.. and more pink then even an average Paladin could stand. The whole high tech look didn't give me the Epic feel either

Recently it got allot better for me luckily, we've set in Mount Hyjal... a big outdoor instance which brings back that Azeroth feeling mixed up with a good dose of Scourge. Doing endless waves of trash gets boring after a while as well but at least it keeps up the pace. Still one of our guildies has a big dislike of this instance again, i can't imagine why but his dislike combined with his stubborn attitude makes this quite a problem for us officers. We have to force him to run this instance with us, mainly because he's an essential class. Being a raider you can't simply skip the instance yóu don't like, you'll have to be there for your guild so they will be there for the instance you dó like.

The Black Temple is an even greater instance thus far, i liked it since the first time i stepped foot in it while most instances need to grow on me.
I guess it calls back mostly BWL memories for me, the dark ambience works pretty good for me.. it's how a dungeon should/could be.
We don't enter by ringing the doorbell and a "Honey, i'm home!" but we sneak in through the sewers (not as bad as the Shattered Halls sewers) and slowly make our way up. The trash seems amazingly easy thus far but maybe it's because we're so hyped and everyone (as far as i know) i totally enjoying this instance and is fully focused.

So raiding wise i'm good, i get to spend time in the instances i like. Zul'Aman which i dislike is an optional raid which i can avoid if i want (although i did clear it this weekend as i needed a break from pvp, but it's still stupid), strange though as i liked Zul'Gurub pre-TBC.
Which instances do i hate then? I'd say Gnomeregan but the last time i did it it wasn't nearly as bad as i remembered, perhaps as i know the best route to do all quests in the fastest way by head nowadays. Sunken Temple is a bit dumb but still not toe curling, perhaps the Wailing Caverns (in the Barrens) is the most annoying of the low level instances.. i get lost constantly and the map in Atlas makes little sense due to the crossovers.
From the TBC instance i still dread Shattered Halls, perhaps because i wiped there so often in the past as the groups in the beginning require such a high amount of CC or a very skilled tank + healer. Steamvaults is frustrating at times as well because of the first boss which can easily wipe a good group due to some bad luck.

I'm pretty curious about the new 5-man instance in the next patch (2.4) perhaps there will be a new instance to (dis)like, time will tell.

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