Tuesday, February 12

Non CC DPS in a Heroic

If you have a good geared skilled tank and a likewise healer you can deal with a little bit less on CC (Crowd Control; sheep/trap/sap/etc). When you got these a class with no CC has a chance on getting a spot. Now most classes do have something to deal with these adds, Mages have sheep, Warlocks have Seduce ánd Fear, Rogue's have sap, Hunters have Trap, Priests can Mindcontrol and if you happen to have either a Moonkin Druid or a Feral who's not tanking he/she can sleep a beast if needed, ow and don't forget a Druid's Cyclone.
So who gets the shaft? Dps Paladins, Dps Warriors and Dps Shamans as far as i can tell. Both of these classes have no form of crowd control and while their other spec(s) will get them a spot in a party easy, the dps variety does seem to bring little extra to most.

But a skilled player who is lacking dps can contribute quite a bit, the mentioned classes/specs offer some versatility. A Dps warrior can Offtank a mob or even take over for a bit when the MT goes down... a Ret Paladin could do the same aswell as throw a heal where needed and a Shaman can spot/group heal and offer a variety of helpfull totems.
If your tank and healer decided to enter a Heroic in a bit more then greens you can actually afford to have more then 1 mob at a time hit your meatshield so a spot for a non CC DPS is available for those who can appreciate them.

I ran two heroics yesterday on my Shaman, Ramparts and Underbog. Depending on the situation i put down the right totems (Tremor when mobs feared, Poison cleaning on poison spitting mobs) and helped heal up either Tank or dps. When we lost our tank on a trashpull i dropped my Earth Elemental who could tank the mobs long enough for us to prevent a wipe.
I also took over healing a couple of times when a broken sheep turned our healer's screen black and white. Perhaps this depends on the player aswell, if you are able to see when things turn bad and you have turn of tunnelvision where you keep beating on that mob and see the bigger picture and help out where needed. A wildcard player can seriously turn the tide on a slip up or simply a badluck streak.

The last heroic i did yesterday was made up of alts only, sure there were some Epics on us but the majority of our gear was Blue (few Greens as well actuallty). I healed more on this run as on the first one that night and still came up first, not trying to say i'm so uber (let's not state the obvious shall we?) but i still contributed plenty to what i was supposed to do. Even if i would have came out as second or third i would still be positive that my actions helped us reaching the end and preventing some deaths or even wipes.
My point (however little it is) is that someone without CC can offer other treats to your party, that is if that person manages to be a bit flexible where needed.

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