Friday, February 29

A week's overview

I've been quite busy at work and have perhaps disappointed faithfull returning readers (a poll showed i had some at least), next week is going to be a bit better but might still miss a daily post now and then..
But i wanted to give you a quick look on my week to compensate for the missing posts, almost like i've shared things with you on a daily basis anyway.

As planned i only played during the day, i grinded the last bit of honor for my Hunter's pvp-trinket (needed for Archi).. did an Heroic run on my Enhancement Shamen (went very smooth) and grinded the mats for a Shadow resistance cloak.
After dinner we watched the movie Gabriel which was one of the better movies i've seen lately, altho that might proof i need to download some better ones for a change. Still pretty good film considering a budget of $150.000 aussie dollars.

I got my expensive trinket, payed by with hours of sweat and frustration (ow and horde blood). Did another Heroic run on Shaman, grinded some plants for pots on my Warrior, some leather on my Hunter to make me drums of restoration so i was ready for these weeks raids. After waiting an hour or so in Shattrah for something to happen (while watching the cartoons of Sons of Butcher, they should be on aswell) i went to bed.

Black Temple was on the menu, Teron Gorefiend to be more precise... a boss on which many guilds spend weeks or even longer. We had done just 2 attempts a night before so you can imagen how thrilled we were we killed him on our 4th attempt this night, think the flash game explaining his tactics helped us alot.'
We did two quick attempts on the next boss after that, a typical fight where 1 person not paying attention can make things go baaaaad fast.. sometimes i long back to the days where you could easily carry some noobs through an instance. (not that we have many luckily ;) )

One of our two non-raiding weekdays (monday being the other), often we do a Kara or ZA run on this day. Today we got a Karazhan group together with 7 alts (including some less geared). I still need 100 badges on my hunter for the xbow in 2.4 but i didn't expect to get a full run so i decided to focus on fun (and lower repairs) and take the shaman... to my surprise this unbalanced group went all up to Prince ánd managed to kill him while we even had 4 melee dps. We also had just 1 priest and no other form of CC (besides a lock for an occasional banish) but our dps made up for that, i was especially worried on Moroes but we nuked down 3 adds as fast as we could and had no problem at all.
Quite funny to be creative with tactics like this by the way. Curator went down just seconds after the first evocation (just over 2min) which i didn't expect with this many alts.
Even got myself a nice new necklace from the chess event, had hit to spare anyway so the gained crit and stamina is nice. Also nice about necklaces, belts, rings and trinkets: no new expensive enchants required.

Mount Hyjal was planned, i myself was a bit on the late side and was 2minutes to late to hop on the plane. While waiting for a spot to open i grinded 8 Primal Shadow's for the Shadow resistance cloak i got the day before. After that i moved to Tanaris where i got to replace someone else. They had some bad luck streaks which resulted in a couple of wipes so they only managed to kill "just" 2 bosses, we killed the 3rd boss (/flex) and moved on to the next... sadly enough time ran out and we wiped on him leaving no time for another try.
Sometimes you have one of those days where the easiest things just don't seem to happen.

Well that's today but when i look into my magic orb i can tell i'm going to attend tonights raid. We are gonna clear MH and then kill the first 3 to 4 bosses in BT... a new Hunterweapon might even drop, depending on if a certain other Hunter (with more dkp) is in the raid i might be one lucky guy.. but foretelling the future aint always accurate so let's just await what is going to happen

After awaking from my coma because i made it way too late on Friday once again i'll visit a friends birthday party. After dinner the rest of the evening is mine again so depending on the activity in the guild i'll do an instance or something... or i'll go spend some time behind a different less interactive screen for a change, up for playing couch potato after such a busy week.

Some Wow-time available in the morning and in the beginning of the afternoon. I'm guessing i'll be doing the daily Heroic on either the Shaman or the Hunter and do some grinding. Perhaps a few of those boooring dailies to make some money, bah. A friend is coming over later that day for dinner and perhaps a movie or something so that concludes my Azerothian adventures for this weekend.
I do hope something unexpected fun is going to happen this weekend in the limited time i have, don't want to feel i totaly waisted my time on a stupid game ofcourse.


Wow Panda said...

Me too I was busy, on several things. Now I am doing the catch up on your blog, so big thanks for the review!

Pain said...

No one wipes for weeks on gorefiend, he's easy.

Enjoy Bloodboil!