Monday, January 7

3 toons in instances

It's been a busy weekend for me, wow-wise ofcourse. We started out with Tempest Keep: The Eye on Friday and i was ready and waiting on my main (my Hunter) when the Raidleader asked me in the officer channel to bring the Tank aswell as he might be needed on Al'ar, the first boss.
Now i have dragged my alt more often to an instance only to be replaced in the very last second by a main logging on so i was not worried.
We cleared the trash where i was still on my Hunter but as the raid started on the last trashmob i Cheetah'd my way out so i could log the tank, it seriously looked like i was going to tank a TK boss... or at least a small period of the time.
I tend to read up on everyones task in a raid not just my own, so i had a general good idea of what a tank had to do on this event. Still i checked with my GF who was one of the other 2 tanks if i had everything covered.
Now i don't know if you know the event but tanks take turns here, waiting at pre assigned spots but they often need to run to that spot last minute as the boss likes to nuke those tankspots. When the boss (a giant flaming bird) is at that tankspot and no one is in melee range he does a instance wide AoE which can not be healed through for long.
Now when a tank runs in and then intercepts it's quite hard to avoid one of these flamebuffets, when we just started trying this boss we often got 2.
I was the new guy here and had to learn a new trick here but i was most pleased he only managed to get two off the very first time, the tries after he did just one which without a swiftness pot is a okay. I tanked Al'ar on my alt! :)

On Sathurday and during the day on Sunday it was Shammy time.. i managed to level it to 62 in meantime and we did Scholo for the GF's palladin so she could get herself an Epic riding mount aswell. We succeeded and cleared the rest of the instance after that aswell, supported by a level 70 mage from the guild... he didn't make a bad tank actually altho he did grew a bit overconfident once :P But even the best drops in this instance weren't able to compete with level 60 Outland greens, i wonder if the next expansion will make level 70 blues obsolete.
Sundays we focused more on the Outlands in which we did Ramparts, Blood Furnace (twice) and Slavepens. Now this was quite interesting as it was one of the first times i was able to compare my Enhancement Shaman to others. The first run we had a level 67 Hunter along and a level 69 Tank, i was quite surprised i was top of the meters by quite a margin. Not sure if that states more on me then the Hunter tho... let's just say i'm just too overpowered :P
The last run of the day we had party of level 60-63 members with just a mage to CC and a Ret Paladin to heal. Besides a bad pull (which we almost survived) we had a smooth run along with a dose of old fashion instance fun. I'm level 63 now btw.

The last toon to run an instance was my Hunter who attended Sundays raid to Moroes and Vashj. The giant was quickly downed with just Vashj remaining. Now about every time we do her the Raidleader forgets to set the loot to Free for All so any person killing a Tainted Elemental can pick up his drop which is needed to shut down a shield generator to get to the next phase.
This is often good for a first wipe as we need to keep up the second phase for a longer period of time and increases the chance of some bad luck or mishab happening. Now our raid seemed hexxed yesterday, we got tanks dieing (at least we now figured out why.. damn parries!), people disconnecting, bad timings or just small muck ups. Lots of time was lost waiting for those people who DC'd to get back online and in the end we simply had to let her live for a couple more days till we return on Tuesday.
Surprisingly the wiping didn't bother me too much, i enjoyed myself well enough and Feign Death even managed to save me some repairs a few times. :)
During downtime i entertained myself by checking out most of the episodes of Pure Pwnage, got to love a second monitor.

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