Monday, January 14

Friendship and Honor don't mix

Last week i took my level 64 Shaman out on a quest; to obtain a new totem (gear); this Totem of Impact would be a nice replacement for my Totem of Rage which i got from BRD. Now the tricky bit was that that i needed 15 Mark's of Honor Hold which can only be obtained by either doing the Hellfire pvp daily which requires to capture 3 towers or killing an enemy player near one of these towers or those in Zangermarsh.
Now that is the tricky bit as world pvp would give me quite a high change to encounter level 70 players in Epic gear.
I'm happy to report that i díd manage to get it.. i got 6 tokens from the daily quest (2x3) so the rest came from killing Horde.

Some highlights in my World pvp sessions:

  • Killing a level 64 twice before his level 70 buddy beside him managed to take me down. (first time i was even at half health as i spawned behind him after a corpserun, 2nd time cost me a selfrez to finish the job)
  • 2 level 70's happily waved at me (and vice versa) when i was unflagged but that didn't stop them to try and kill me later on, i didn't want to give them that pleasure so i made a succesfull escape.
  • 10 mins later i encountered one of those 70'ers at 60% so i decided to try and teach him a lesson. If his buddy wouldn't have come to his aid at the last 5% i would have gotten him, however i did have my selfrez up and killed him anyway with plenty of time to "lol" him afterwards. (pwned by a level 64 :P)
  • A level 64 Alliance Paladin logged his Horde level 70 Warlock to cap the 3 towers so we could capture it back afterwards to complete the quest, quite helpfull.
The rest of the Sathurday i did some instances, including the dreaded Mana Tombs escort, and a couple of quests to get myself to level 65. All together with my GF's Paladin ofcourse, don't wanna risk a RL corpsrun. ;-)
I even started doing some more PvP on moments where she couldn't join me on quests, which netted me a nice 7k honor already. With this pace i can get myself a nice Epic as soon as i ding 70!

For those who read my previous post about my decision to make Sundays a non-Wow day... i actually kept my word and didn't log on all day! I didn't even took an extra dose on Sathurday as i logged at 10-ish which is many hours earlier then normal Sathurdays (it was 2h30 the day before tho).
So when looking at the Sleep vs Wow equation i managed to have two early nights in a row and i'm actually quite awake at work for a change, haven't jawned all morning. :O
But tonight i do plan to do some nice alting again cold turkey for me sir!

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