Friday, January 11

Good thing i'm not a woman

While i can think of a couple of reason why i would want to be a woman, the reason i'm happy i'm not is their infamous ability to go shopping spree, with no cooldown. Shopping can be fun and thats exactly what i'm trying to do: buy something.
What is that something? A Flying mount! Well.. not entirely true, i just want the Expert Riding skill which will allow me to fly those damn things.
My mount is gonna be this little engineered beauty, yeah thats correct... a flying machine!
To give you some more info: it's gonna be the flying mount for my latest project, my Shaman. Sure she's a girly but i'm the man behind her taking care of the creditcard :P

This alt has drained my other characters reserves for quite a bit already.. i was lucky to have leveled up my level 70 warrior's mining from 0 to 375 just a month before so she could level her Engineering to 356. Besides that she totaly abused the Thorium stock i builed up an another toon.
Also my AH toon send her quite some gold for training and recipies as she totaly used up all her money on skilling engineering.
But at least she made it to a nice level for now.
Her mining has reached the max aswell and she has been sending spare ore (not all) and greens and blues and other sellable crap to the AH toon.
This way she managed to repay the money she was borrowed and even a bit extra.
She netted herself about 500g sofar from which a large part comes from questmoney. While she is still level 64 that leaves quite some time to reach 70 to be able to actually train Expert riding which costs 800g... as long as i stick to just repairing, buying myself drinks and train my skills (and perhaps the odd gem for gear) i have no doubt i can easily make this.
But extra cash won't hurt as i will be needing more expensive gems later, enchants and who knows what other mats to get my gear in shape aswell.

Besides.. if i keep going like this i might even make a good start towards the extra 5000g needed for the Artisian riding which is needed for Turbo-charged Flying Machine... *drool*
Ah well, a girl can dream can't she?

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