Friday, January 25

My Daily Fix

Something lite in between before i continue with some other posts i have ready and waiting... i wanted to share with you where i get my Wow-fix each day. Apart from browsing Wowhead for my character planning i check out several blogs, there are many many good blogs out there and i often check out most out during the day that i have found... however i always tend to start with a few who tend to update daily.
The fanatic blog readers among you probably know most already but; Blogroll inc!

  • Wowinsider: The first Wowblog i started reading. Most article's are a bit short and more set to provoce reader comments but i fend a few nice articles to read there every day.

  • Big Red Kitty: It's a Hunters on which i offers many info for those who seek it. I myself come there for the more nonsence articles (me smrt hunter!) where his old army stories are a personal high. High ammusement factor.

  • Need More Rage: Blog written from the viewpoint (and dialect) of the characters, quite funny most of the times. Ratshag is the main blogger but he lets his other toons do guest appearances aswell.

  • Big Bear Butt: Actually a Feral Druid blog (which i don't have) but his sidetracking often offers some nice topics. He's a bit like me and can't stop once he starts writing.. if you are looking for a long read, here is where you will find it.

  • World of Matticus: Just recently discovered this one and he is on my daily check list now. He blogs about any subject he can think of in Wow and offers links to other good reads he found on the web

  • Laser Chicken: A Moonkin's blog who touches several other topics aswell. When i would happen to choose my 64 moonkin alt as a next alt project, this is where i'm gonna check first.

  • Altitis: Stuff about any class as this blogger has a serious alt addiction. I'm always curious what the current project is and if i can share the love of my own alt fanatism. (altho i tend to level an alt to 70 once i start it)

  • Gun Loving Dwarf Chick: I'm trying to get over my Dwarf Hunter adversity and reading this blog sure helps with that. Light read (unless you miss part of the pre-events, then article's happen to make no sense)

  • Egotistical Priest: Mostly priest and healing related but very educational and entertaining if you like to know about this role or class. Might make me restart my alt Priest someday (level 34 for 2 year now!).

  • The Game Dame: Truth told, just discovered this one today but already like what i see. And with a blogname like that, it can't be bad right?

    Recently a new site for Wow bloggers have started aswell: Blogazeroth, offering a place for bloggers to introduce themselves and discuss ideas and possible topics.
    I was shocked to find out just how many blogs are out there which i still hadn't discovered, a nice overview can be found here. There are still plenty of other good reads ou there and i hope to find them all, if you happen to know any.. don't hesitate to drop me a line. Also when you are a blogger, sign up at the earlier mentioned site if you haven't already.. can't ever have enough fame can we?


    Griff said...

    Nice blog roll you've got there. I'm starting (again) to blog about WoW. I had a blogger blog (lol) going for a year or so, then stopped and got hosted. - enjoy!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the linkage! I'm glad you discovered my little web hideout. I read all the other blogs you linked also. Very good list. I'm writing a link post too, so I'll shoot the link-love back atcha.

    Valenna said...

    I'm not sure you're aware but Laser Chicken quit the same day you wrote this. =( /cry

    Exanimo said...

    i didn't do it! i swearez!