Monday, January 7

Wow is a feeling

As i stated in my previous post i use my second screen to browse the internet during downtime at raids. Why i often don't have time for it as i'm doing an effort to assist the Raidleader by marking or otherwise preparing/tweaking a bossfight, there are times where i manage to check out some new Wowmovies or even some cartoons.
Yesterday i stumbled upon Pure Pwnage again and i noticed they offered quite a bit video entertainment... i had seen some of their episodes before but even the ones i'd seen were fun to watch once more.

The serie is about a supergamer and his humoristic way (and often unrealistic) with life and how gaming is brought into RL. You will encounter many wow terms when watching this show as the leader character's (The Owner, called Jeremy in RL) GF plays Wow (and so did he for a while, you might know the "World of Warcraft is a Feeling" song which came from one of their episodes. )

A small clip i wanted to share with you is of one of the Owner's sidekicks: Doug, or fps_Doug as he likes to call himself (Booom! Headshot!)
I hope you enjoy and make sure out to check out the episodes next time you are stuck on a bird or waiting from that guy to get back from AFK.
I must warn you, i went to bed with still one of their songs ringing in my ears.. ("Cause I pwn you, like I pwn you like pretty hard and stuff right">

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Euripedes said...

My high school Biology teacher?

Yeah, fps_Doug is his cousin. Not even kidding. I can see the family resemblance from the damn thumbnail.