Friday, January 18

Hands... Shaking...

Ow it's true, i'm in desperate need of a Wow fix right now! This week has been quite a tough one for a Wow addict, let alone a fulltime one...
Last Sunday i volunteerly gave up my wowday and the night before i even went to bed early while i could have played deep in the night.
The following monday i had some Shaman alt time (remember that drunk tank story?) and didn't use my playtime 100% either and went to bed on an actuall normal time, mostly because i was frustrated by the 3 hour instance run i suppose.
The Tuesday was reserved by friends and i had fun (to my surprise) playing Guitar Hero which one of my friends brought along, after we were done with that we did the standard Halo3 and CoD2 deathmatch thing, ended by a quick match of Swos. My GF did play Wow and had some good attempts on Kael'thas.
Wednesday there was some more alt time available for which i turned down Karazhan which my warrior alt could have attended, but as i got pain in my arm atm, i like to avoid intensive play for a bit. Once again i went to bed early but we did manage to get my Shaman and my GF's Paladin to level 66 before that.
The day after my brother in law came to visit us, luckily that is less boring as it sounds as he plays some casual wow aswell and various other games. We did a bit of Gears of War, Halo3 and then watched a movie: The Seeker: the Dark is Rising, a film with a reasonable story, filming and effects but totaly messed up. There was simply too much info packed into this info and the bad editing made following this one even harder, not that is was such a complex movie but blinking would allow you to mis a small twist in the plot.

So today it's Friday... my last raid was a week ago and i'm looking forward to join tonights raid. As i want to stick to the no-wow-sunday idea for now that leaves me with Sathurday to get my wow-fix in a more flexible way. But yesterday my GF came with a dreaded suggestion: "Lets go shopping for clothes on sathurday!" Great there goes my alt time... at least a big part of it.
I could play hard get and stay behind the screen tomorrow but her mood might suffer due of that. Sure she will join me with alting probably but i will have to mind my steps throughout most of the day and when i'm total7 honest, i could actually need some new pants.
I'll probably will go out shopping and thus limit my wow time even more...
A bit disappointing as i was really looking forward to get my Shaman (which is currently my favorite project as you might be able to tell) to the next level.

Two weeks ago i spend 90% of my free time on Wow which was 40-45 hours that week, about 25% of my total time... the other 75% was spend on work (another 25%), sleep and other required stuff. This week it's gonna be a rough 12%, still sounds like alot? Well you will be sleeping about 33% of your time this week, which is of the two is time better spend?
I suppose i still get to play alot more then some people who want or are possible to, but it still feels like i'm standing still while the rest of my online "friends" move forward.
Perhaps it's about time my router goes up in fire, might be good for me once i stop shaking from going cold turkey.


Scott Farbman said...

Dude, I feel your pain. Just wait until you have kids. Then your posts will be: I slept 1% of this week and played wow for 10 minutes to check my in game mail and let my guildies know that I am still alive...

Exanimo said...

I've always said if i take kids it will be an 18 year old chinese girl :P
But seriously, there is this couple in the guild who tugs their kids into bed 4mins before a raid and actually manage to play quite a bit, even during day in the weekends.
Might not the best way to raise kids but there might be a in between sollution. Either way, i'm not at that point just quite yet... prob got a few more years.