Wednesday, January 2

All for nothing!

While leveling my Shaman i did it together with my Girlfriend who created a Paladin awhile back and we're going up quite steady, doing most of the "Old Skool" instances together. Not just us ofcourse but with other alts out of the guild of about equall level, now and then with a level 70 alt.
But i must tell you its been a long time ago i had that much fun running an instance! Especially with just partymembers of equall level those instances like Maraudon (we started teaming up for runs at that level) is really like the old days again, challenging but still good to do... exciting and reward in both drops as experience. So we've done Maraudon, quickly followed by BRD, then Sunken Temple, Lower Blackrockspire, Diremaul East and Diremaul West.
Me and the GF dinged 60 in meantime where the rest of the party is in between 56 and 59 so the next instance planned in Scholo.
Now we weren't that much in a hurry to go to the Outlands, we are having way too much fun exploring those dungeons just like when we did doing it for the very first time time on our mains when everyone was doing the levelrace.
Eventho some of us stepped through the Dark Portal in meantime we plan to do each instance at least once; Scholo, Strat, UBRS en Diremaul North still on our list. (hoping to do Scholo tonight for my GF's Epic Paladin mount)

But let me tell you this; i always check out an instance lootlist in advance and see what possible cool upgrades i could get. It's not all about the loot but having a good fun run is just a little bit better when you got something to remember the run by at the end.. i was thinking about saving the heads of all endbosses as a souvenir but i couldn't be bothered with that after killing the Princess for some reason. Yesterday we entered the outlands and the very first quest i did got me an upgrade... which replaced a Diremaul item. Previous toons i entered Outlands with at mostly Epic gear so i didn't had this "problem" right at the start before. Again i was confronted with the Green > Blue rule.
Four quests later i replaced 2 of my items, an instance run followed and i replaced 3 more. The 2 quests i did afterwards replaced another item... suddenly i didn't see much use for doing those Azerothian Dungeons anymore. XP was worse there and loot was very obviously not worth it (i replaced both my blue weapons by greens within the hour).
Sure i'm gonna do those old skool instances still, mostly for fun but also for helping those other alts catch up a bit so we can quickly emerge us in the new world and it's large variety of instances.
I forgot how much fun it was leveling an alt... i forgot how much fun you can have with a party in a challenging dungeon... i experienced how challenging and fun Outlands can be for non-Epic geared characters.
It seems i'm getting more and more infected with altitus.

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