Wednesday, January 9

The Honor plan

My Shaman alt is at level 64 now which is the same level as my Girlfriends Paladin alt. We've kinda agreed to level up together so we won't quest without the other. But it still happens that she's on when i'm not or vica versa, how do we kill time on that alt then?
Well skilling up professions has been one, i've been leveling Engineering and i'm up to 354.. she's been doing Blacksmithing and is somewhere around 300. We mine a bit to get more ingredients or for selling so i can afford my flying mount in a few levels.
But the newest non xp gaining time spending is doing Battlegrounds.

The plan has been to do BG's once at 70 to gather ourselves some nice gear but i started a bit early with that now to kill time.
Now what i noticed is that certain Battlegrounds have players with a maximum level of 69, i think that Alterac Valley is the only exception to this actually.
So i'm encountering players from level 60 till 69 and against quite a few of them i stand a good chance with my level 64 Shaman, even managed to end up pretty high on the meters a couple of times. (both kill wise as dps wise) My dps is pretty well i guess but i heal aswell if needs be, it's about winning.. not about getting that kill right? I've been pleasantly surprised by a few wins even altho i don't contributed as much to that as i could in a few levels ofcourse.

Anyway, this early BG joining had starting me thinking again.. when i would level to 70 i would enter the BG's in my greens and couple of blues i would get totaly slaughtered by those peeps and their well-fare Epics. In Alterac Valley i already noticed the huge impact of this and i got ripped to pieces at times where my gear aint that bad i think with 90stamina just from 2 engineering items, not to speak of the other items yet.
Yeah i do wear alot of Leather still so damage reduction aint as good as supposed to be and resilience is something my Shaman has not heard of yet.
The idea that sprouted is likely not something new: What if i just leveled till 69 and would stay there for a couple of weeks while i would "grind" myself some honor and badges? Sure the honor gained would be lower then at level 70 but if i would get more kills in, wouldn't that even out? Or as i am actually hoping; would give me a better result in the end. Worst case scenario i would gain less honor but i would be less frustrated with getting ganked all of the time, resulting in me doing more BG's a day before i get sick and tired of doing them.
More time consuming that way but i would be nice if i would actually have some fun in the BG's aswell right?

EotS weekend end of this week (as found on the Calendar) so you will probably find me there ;)

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