Thursday, January 17

Close to the edge

When i start a new toon i often hop a few guilds before i end up in my own one again, just for the fun of meeting new people and realizing just what great guild i'm in once again. But what often strikes me is how little people in some guilds have in common, there is actually nothing keeping those people together... loads of people don't even bother talking or responding, let alone laugh when i try one of my withy remarks in guildchat. (ok perhaps they are not all thát funny but try to humour me ey?).
My humour can be a bit dark at times, vulgair at other times but often close to the edge.. not too be appreciated by all. The last pug-guild i was in with an alt i was having a blast and was on a roll and might have gone a bit too far, i wasn't booted tho but decided to add a sort of sorry as i didn't know people would actually appreciate it. The guildleader however assured me he did and there was no need to stop.
But when he wasn't online my joking landed on deaf ears so i re-joined my own guild soon after, unlike some people i like people to actually listen when i talk, at least a few would be nice.

The mood in our guild is a very typical one i guess but it seems to be what keeps us together even when problems arrize. No matter how bad things are we always find a funny subject or a willing victim to mock, our Raidleader is good in taking abuse for one which helps alot.
Apart from that the most dirty-minded remarks often spawn whole lol-streaks in the guildchat.. i really should write a few down next time.
But it's not all about giving, it's about receiving aswell. Well i consider myself to be pretty quickly with my remarks but i'm on the receiving end of the mockery some times aswell which is okay, even mocking myself is part of routine.
The brilliant bit is our guildies know it's just joking so you can get away with quite alot.
A while back i was talking dutch using /say when a non-dutch guildy said "i love you" (ik hou van je) in Dutch, i assumed it was one of the few dutch things he knew and wasn't 100% sure it actually ment what people told him to so i said "What? You like gay sex?".
Quite an innocent joke but i got a whisper from someone else saying this guy was actually gay... while this guildy was fairly new i had a feeling he wouldn't take it too seriously but just in case i whispered him "just let me know when i go too far m8 ;) " and shortly after he whispered me "actually i do like gay sex but i guess that is normal when you prefer men? :)". I told him i was just pulling his leg as he knows and have no issues with anyones sexual preferance. He told me not too worry about it (which i didn't :P) and indeed knew i was just joking around.

But now i wonder; i like to "accuse" some easier targets of them being Queer (again not meaning offence for my readers), should i accuse gay people to like the opposite sex? When telling a gay man he was pegging the Raidleader just now, would he be slightly offended (as that is the intention) or would he like the idea? You might have seen that guy spanking his monkey on a dancing Nightelf, would a gay man be turned on by a human character immitating Travolta's smooth moves? Ow man.. where am i taking this post?
I guess this is a good example of what twisted minds our guild contains, if you can stand the over the top sexual jokes or even better.. can add to them; you are fit to join the guild! Btw, some skills would help aswell.. it's not just all harassment in here, there are raids aswell. :)

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