Tuesday, January 22

Fun feature

Seen this?

A= Zoom in / Z= Zoom out

It's a 3D model of Sunfury bow of the Phoenix but since last week both Wowhead and Thottbot offer 3D models of various items and mobs. (think thott just items for now) It's not complete yet and still in beta but it's a nice little toy.
The above model is from Thott eventho Wowhead is my prefered database nowadays but they don't offer the embedding of models (yet).

Too be honest i'm not sure just how usefull this is going to be but there is no denying that it looks pretty cool. Wowhead offers a Java version besides teh Flash version aswell which offers a more superior quality.. altho my Wow tends to slow down when i open that one on my second screen and my PC is just 2 months old so it's some kind of collision i suppose.
Perhaps this feature is helpfull for people who use modelviewer when they need a screeny of a mob or item otherwise, a lot faster this way i guess and easier to find aswell. Still won't replace modelviewer as that program has loads of extra potential, it allows you to put your model in popular stances for example where the wowhead/thott feature just offers 3D stills.

For your info: the titlebar and some of the pics in the bar on the right have been made with images taken using modelviewer.
Some more info about how i did that and what else i used in one of my earlier posts here.

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