Wednesday, January 23

The Hard Way

The fun with playing alts is finding out new stuff.
And when you are afraid to find something out yourself you can always ask the guild ofcourse.

Some other guildy poured some salt in the still open wound an hour later:
Missi, fyi: you can also jump off the aldor terrace to shatt i just found out

By the way: Missi (Misstree's main) didn't mind if i would use his name in this post, just think his desire to get famous is a bit far fetched.
Ow and to share in the loss on anonimity, Bellus is my Shammy alt. Now that i think of it, didn't expect people to trust my blindly... i could have used my powers in a way more effective way, damn!

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Percinho said...

Nice one! :-) You ever seen