Wednesday, January 16

To Heal or not to Heal

Once again a thought that is on my mind: should i try out a healing character for a change? I got myself a Warrior specced as a tank and to my suprise i like doing that alot... i tanked more 5mans pre-TBC with just a couple of points in protection so i already had some experience with it.
When i reached 70 i was in doubt for quite a while if i should go full prot but when Alt-Karazhan was introduced i respecced on my second run as i was gonna be that days Main Tank as there weren't any of our Mains tanks... i was sold and have had many runs as a MT in Kara since then.
Would i mainswitch to my tank? Quite a hard choice, if only i sucked a bit more at playing a Hunter. (but no, i don't)

On my Shaman i've done some offhealing but never mainhealed a 5man yet, let alone a raid. I don't have the gear for it yet but i am curious if it would be a valid spec later on...truth told i do like doing dps on my Shaman aswell and again, eventho i say so myself, i do a pretty good job at it.
Apart from the fact that i topped the damage meters in most 5man runs i did so far, i also drop an occasional heal if needed and drop totems for my fellow partymembers.. even those who didn't benefit myself.
Like i likely mentioned before my GF is trying out healing on her Paladin so there is no real need for me to go resto, but somewhere i'm kind of disappointed i don't get somewhat forced into this role... this would at least force me to have a small taste of it.

Back in the MC days i had this Oomkin druid which i took along on a MC run. Now Moonkin Druids were quite crappy back then, 3 Starfire's and we were out of mana... i was happy if i could last one Core hound! So i often just helped along on healing, sometimes even without a choice.
Now what i do remember of that time is that i wasn't seeing more then healthbars and that healing was more like a whack-a-mole game as some other blogger called it on Wowinsider. I didn't see a single thing of what happened arround me (not that MC had that interesting surroundings tho).
I did blame this on my own noobness on healing and i figured if i had more practise things would have gone smoother, leaving me more time to enjoy the raid. I also realise the way people heal has been changed quite a bit in TBC so trying to sketch an image of a possible healing carreer might not be a fair thing here.

Going healer will give me quite a bigger shot at joining 5mans later on so that should be part of the equation aswell imo, but if i delay that choice too long i might miss out on healing gear... i don't want to pick dps quest rewards over healing ones and be sorry about it later.
I'm also doing some PvP and it would be a damn shame if i would spend my points on the "wrong" set of kit.
The plan, as poor of a plan as it is, is to get as many healing items as possible from quests and perhaps an odd instance drop if the present healer doesn't want it... and hopefully i end up with some reasonable kit anyway. I'll stay dps as long as possible and will slowly gather an offspec kit. Perhaps i can get myself some crafted stuff later on aswell, a couple of blues will get me a long way i suppose.
Sadly enough i already vendored some Elemental (spelldamage) rewards which could have been a nice alternative to healingkit for now, not so smart ey?
Guess i'm truelly lacking Intellect at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are aware but your blog feed for this only showed your post titles nothing more, which is a tad... way too short.

Ess said...

My priest gets a random invite to an instance nearly every time I bring her in, even if it's just for a few moments to check her mail or do some disenchanting. Folks are always looking for a healer, it seems -- it does make it much easier to get into the 5 mans. I do find that I don't see much of what goes on in the fights either, since I'm just monitoring peoples' health bars the whole time. Drives me crazy when people yell out, "Heal!" Right, like I'm not looking... :P It is fun though.

(I agree with Gwaendar, too, by the way -- please extend the content for the blog feed!)

Exanimo said...

Ok think i fixed it now... it's probably showing the full post now but better then just the title i suppose.
Lemme know if i frakked up somehow :)