Monday, January 28

Wow saves money

I've used this argument before when people were surprised that i payed for an online game and i've never had anyone disagree with me when i made my point. Before i played Wow i played various other games, the better games i bought and as i managed to finish most quite fast the next comparison is easily made:
A game costs € 40,- An average game would take me 2 weeks to complete. To be playing all month it would cost me € 80,-
€ 15,- subsciption doesn't sound so bad all of the sudden does it?

But Wow saves me more money then that actually.. much more.
Playing a good game is like taking part in an interactive movie, i tend to choose playing a game over going to the cinema and watch a film there... unless it's one of those films you "must" see on a bigscreen, but those are limited imo. Chatting with guildies online while raiding beats a visit to a pub/bar anyday so thats another way Wow saves me money
But the most important one is: As long as you play Wow you won't spend money on the world outside! (you risk online shopping tho)
Instead of going to town on a Sathurday and spending my money on useless crap, i spend my gold on virtual crap.

Yesterday we went to Ikea as a passtime for our Non-wow Sunday and we needed a closet for our wardrobe anyway, if we would have stayed in we would have saved a nice amount of money.. sure we would still be living out of boxes then tho. (that pants you need always seems to be in the bottom of the very last box you look in) So from 3 till 9 i was trying to put the wardrobe system together, cursing both Ikea for inventing such a stupid system and (silently) my GF for choosing a system which didn't fit in the room as planned forcing me to adapt on the spot. (ok, i didn't bother to check her measurements either... not too bright ey?)
Anyway, she is now two shelves and a lamp away from having herself a walk-in closet, a little girls dream come true right?
That is surely giving me some slack to feed my Wow addiction for a few weeks without being requested to go out shopping for stuff i don't need or want anyway.


Wow Panda said...

OMG in that case playing WOW is bad for US and World economy.
More time playing WOW
==> less time in stores
==> less money spent
==> Recession!

Maybe WOW hit 10 mil has something to do with Bank of America losing 10 billion?

wowup said...

@wow panda
maybe there is exaggeration.
the game is funny,but don't lost yourself.

Wow Panda said...

That was a joke :-)