Wednesday, January 30

What class and personality match?

A guildy of mine somehow made me think of this eventho i tried to trick him into a screenshot situation. He was wondering if each class would match a certain personality.. he offered his toons as an example and told me why he found that those toons matched him:

  • Priest: As he his somewhat religious he liked the stature of this class, that combined with the fact that he likes to take care of the people around him makes that a matching combination.

  • Mage: He looked at his mage as being a scolar, a well educated person.. i guess the intellect is good proof of that.
    Now this straight away shows that a person can't be fit into one box and have a personality which matches multiple classes, but there are classes which won't fit a person at all. This guildy mentioned to me a Warrior wouldn't be his thing at all.

    So what personality matches the other classes? I'm sure people have different views on the matches and it also depends on not just on the class' spec but on how it's played aswell. Let's do some rough assumptions here tho, might get the juices flowing.
  • Hunter: I myself like the fact that i can determine when and how a fight starts, that makes me a person that likes to be in controll i guess.
    Those who don't pull probably the fact that they can deliver damage from a long distance at relative safety.
    But perhaps you like the bit of going out there with your pet, making you more of a Lone Ranger type.

  • Warrior: On my Tank i again like the idea to be able to controll the fight, but this time while it is in progress. I'm guessing my faith in other people is something that i need to work on, then again the desire to keep danger from other people is an admireable treat.
    A dps warrior might match a whole different personality, someone who likes to be in the heat of battle.. a wolf among a pack, not a crucial part but contribution none of the less.

  • Rogue: Stealth is a big part of this class, mostly during leveling ofcourse. I'd say a Rogue which likes to ambush his "prey" at a somewhat unfair advantage likes to dominate other people and needs a feeling of superiority. The more combat orientated Rogue's are those who want to be in the frontlines, compareable to the dps warriors.

  • Druid: So many options here.. A Resto Druid might like the connection with nature and taking care of people, a caring personality both for man as nature.
    A feral druid may either like the bear bit where he can be in controll of a fight or more the kitty side, as a result of a more rogue'ish character.
    Moonkin may have a more caster like personality, prefering to stay at the end of the battle.. doing is part in a somewhat saver enviroment.

  • Paladin: A Paladin is a whole different breed i think, they consider them defenders of the light (at least the Alliance ones) and have more of a good guy personality, altho i do see horde paladins as evil beings...
    Depending on their later spec they get a more tank, healing or dps touch.. matching a controlling, supporting or agressive personality.

  • Warlock: Evil is what most people would say at first, but my experience learns that that aint true. It's more the out standing people playing this class, people who are a bit hard to lay a finger on. They are often chaotic and have some strange habbits which you will either hate or love.

  • Shaman: Again a class which can harbour different personalities.. the caring/protective type (resto), the agressive (enhancement) or the supportive (elemental). But again a combination of personalities can be possible, think of the enhancement shammy who drops a heal on fellow melee when they get low.. he then seems to have a protective or even worrying personality stroke to it aswell.

    Now all the above could be dismissed as bullshit as a large quantity of Wow players never knew what their endrole would be when they had chosen their first character. I never played a MMORPG before and i wouldn't expect to be needed to pull later on, i just like having a pet as it seemed it would give me something more to do with the micro-management involved.. making the class more interesting. But then again i didn't chose a Warlock so something in my personality must have made me choose the Hunter.
    My Warrior is more of a product of personality, i could have specced it DPS but i've chosen to be a Tank.

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    Wow Panda said...

    Well when I first picked the warrior I was playing it like diablo, only found that I can't take multiple mobs, was very disappointed. Now I am very proud that I could hold arggo well :-)