Thursday, January 24

My first officer mistake

This is a two part story, i've made two mistakes in my carreer as an officer in two different guilds which i am going to share with you.
I likely have made more but these are the ones i see more like i have failed someway and wished my mind would have kept the upperhand and not my feelings. Still i was still an officer after both so i guess there was plenty of good stuff aswell

I was in the first guild i ever joined which was a casual guild with a shitload of members... somehow i managed to become an officer in there.
Despite not being a raidguild and having a huge variety in players young and old, skilled and unskilled we managed to get a Molten Core raid going.
We had such a big guild that i would do tactics every time as there was always someone who didn't know how that boss was done, despite of this we stood eye in eye with Ragnaros after a while.
Due to other Raidleaders leaving i was quickly forced into that role in which i spend lots of time reading tactics, seeing movies and writing long posts with information on the various bosses... i spend waaay too much time on that and then there were loads of other guildmatters to attend to aswell.
I wasn't the GM but at times it surely felt like that.
So after a few tries on Ragnaros we are back one night and i start doing tactics.. the slow way. If the tank would stand on the eastside.. i would go there and show him his spot, if melee was supposed to form a line i ran up that path a couple of times and would people to take their correct positions.
We did the total Ragnaros event without the actuall boss where i would should "Sons incomming!" so people would simulate what they would do then.
It was a total stupid and time consuming way to do this but as 80% didn't bother to read tactics (or at least it seemed that way) there was no other way to be sure everyone would understand his part.

I had done it a couple of times before like this and i did it again that evening. The pressure was on me as i felt responsible for our succes or our failure, more for the latter even. I was in a stressy job and in the evening that stress continued in my hobby.
And so it went wrong: People were chattering like madman while i was explaining tactics, i kept asking peoples attention as they didn't did what i asked them to do.. simple instructions like "come stand here". At that point i snapped, i said something like: Like hell i ain't gonna wipe here if i'm the only one willing to do the effort", made someone else Raidleader, HS'd out and logged. It was long ago i was in bed that early and i was still flaming with anger and couldn't sleep over it. After a while i settled down and started thinking if that was the smart thing to do,i gave the wrong example to our members i basicly left them behind as i was likely the one with the best knowledge of the tactics at that point.... i felt bad in more then one way.
The next day at work i started writing a post; trying to explain why i did it and appologizing for leaving them there.

To my surprise i didn't get flamed... no, the members appologized they didn't pay attention and they told me they really appreciated all the effort i had taken on Ragnaros and other bosses before that. I didn't need to feel sorry, they should is what they said and they understood why i did it.
My fellow officers gave me a pat on the back for putting my balls on the block like that.
Still i feel i shouldn't have bailed on them like that but perhaps it did have some effect as the next raid people were paying alot more attention.. alot more!
It wasn't long till be downed Ragnaros and i felt damn proud to have helped my guildies to that victory.
An happy end afterall i suppose ;)


Wow Panda said...

That is fine, you did a great job. And sometimes people don't know how to appreciate it until you show your tough side.

klifstuc said...

Need DS pants!! We had a lot of fuzzing going around but, i had lots of fun still, ./huntercartel secret handshake

cheers Klifstuc