Thursday, September 13

Buff my pet please!

Being a Beastmaster Hunter my pet is even more important then for a Survival or Marksman Hunter, i'm sure most people heared that discussion before. The first Hunter in the guild that went BM (i believe he tried it for a bit pre-TBC even) was always asking people to buff which was a quite new happening for most people. Since pets have been buffed by Blizz they are alot more valuable, even for non-BM Hunters. Still Hunters often need to ask for petbuffs and we get often mocked for it.
Now in my guild we are at that point that we still need to ask now and then (altho Fortitude and MotW is often done nicely) and the mockery is
more to pester us.
It's not that i ask for buffs all of the time, often my pet just runs around with just a Fortitude (if it's lucky) only to get buffed to the max at boss events. (again my buff-bot buddies need some guideance at that time often ;) )

This week in Serpentshrine Caverns my pet was missing some buffs again so i asked for them. Teamspeak was used to mock us again (or more a poor attempt at) and after the paladins had their little fun they went serious and asked which buff my pet would like to receive.
"Hmmm... how about that Devine Intervention buff?" "That aint a buff!!!""Well, i'll beg to differ ;)".
Ok that shut them up for now :P

A few trashmobs further my pet managed to die as i sicked him on a Murloc who was looking for some affection from a Resto Druid.
No mockery this time... at least my silly little comment prooved to have effect, or did it?
It took me a second before i noticed i couldnt move (as we NE hunters obviously need to keep jumping around the raid, thats in our guidebook) and saw something shiny around my character, LOL... i''ve been DI'd :P
Good to see the paladins had enough balls to follow through, i suppose that makes them truely a good buff-bot when they think the customer is always right.. even when the customer is wrong.
Too bad DI doesnt cost them durability, would have been even sweeter. ^.^

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Guitgoin said...

I like it! =D Though I haven't seemed to notice a problem with people not buffing my pets before, I may need to keep more of an eye on that. And I'm definitely gonna ask my Pally friend for the Divine Intervention "buff" lol