Monday, September 24

Help, my GF is an wow addict

Probably the dream of every guy... to have a girlfriend/wife who plays World of Warcraft aswell. I must say i welcome this most of the time, certainly in the beginning of WoW where liked to spend each and every minute playing thát game.
But when looking back at it, we went kind of over the top.

You're playing WoW, running an instance or something else which "can't" be interupted... your GF is making dinner already and you fear you will be in trouble soon, either upsetting her or disappointing your party with some "my ass got powned by the wife" excuse.
Dark clouds seem to gather as the smell of a ready meal approuch you... but suddenly those clouds spread, a beam of light shines down from above and you hear an Angelic voice speak: "Do you want your dinner behind the PC?"
Pretty great huh? I consider myself blessed with this ofcourse ;) Who hasn't had his meal behind a PC before, but your GF suggesting it?
But the reason is not her unending love for me, it's her love for the game... she will surely join me on the PC beside me with her own plate, beating on mobs with the mouse in one hand and a fork in the other.
Ofcourse it's not the reason that matters.. it's the result ;)

On the other hand i kinda wish (very quietly) that she didnt like this game that much, not because i don't like her ingame company.. we do most things separately anyway apart from the raids.. No, it's because my addiction would be alot less then it is now. (was worse before tho)
It was me who canceled our Internet subscription a month early so i would be sure we would started packing before we got our new house, i'm quite sure we would have been raiding on the very last day before we got the new key. I admit.. it was a brief moment where my willpower was stronger the my need for a wow-fix, but that was enough. :)
The day we got internet in the new house was the first day we booted WoW again, even tho it was for a brief moment as we had many chours to be done.
We're pretty much settled now and picked up the game nicely, we're playing a bit less then we did before (altho not much) which is still enough to be called an addict. But at least i'm not the only WoW addict in my house... Kalli is the other :D

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