Thursday, September 27

Grinding vs Luck

I hate grinding... as probably 80% of the players do. Luckily i havent had much need to make grinding a part of my playtime yet, i allways had money enough due to a lucky drop now and then. I was one of the very first on the server to own an Epic Mount for example when i had a much sought after Epic drop for me while questing at level 59... i've never had so many indecent proposals as that evening!
After that i still had a good drop every now and then, even more Epics. Think i've experienced 8 Epic BOE drops (before TBC), 3 of them while solo... the other 3 while with a m8 or my GF, which rolls i all lost... the other 2 we split the cash. I guess my luck rubs off a bit aswell ;)
I'm a crappy roller actually but on when it really mathers i seem to win.

As i am dutch im a tight bastard aswell so when equipping an alt i always invented "projects" to grind the needed items to get an Epic crafted.
Grinding still wasn't fun but i had set short term goals and something to reward me at the end.
At the moment i have just started on the first new project since TBC came out, an Epic helm for my tank;
[Helm of the Stalwart Defender]. (no worries.. helm graphics will go off)
So far this has been an unpleasent grind and i still can't get it 100% free as i will need to find someone to supply the Nether and more importantly; who can craft it aswell.
What is so unpleasent is running around Nagrand on my Druid alt which is still just level 64 and only has a regular mount.
Not only does it take me forever to run around that zone, i also get ganked quite abit by mobs... but that aint the worst.
I spot a vein on my map and try to get there as fast as possible, trying to avoid mobs as much as i can.. but often i'll have to clear at least 1 at the vein itsself and then it happens: a jerk comes flying down and without giving me a look takes the bloody vein!
When people dont even bother to answer a whisper ("Thanks loads m8") i'm sure they know they are doing something that is nót acceptable!
Damn that pisses me off beyond believe, i hope they apply at our guild sometime in the near future... i'll be sure to take their apply and mess with them good, how sweet my revenge will be! /chuckle
Maybe not that nice and not very likely to happen but it's the only thing that can give me some slight hope to teach them a lesson.
Ok.. i'm okay now, relax... breathe..

Wish i had a lucky drop again so i just could buy the needed adamantite, seems my luck has stayed behind in Azeroth >.>

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