Friday, September 14

/Target talent points /Cast Blender

Last monday was Karazhan Alt run (bit late report but i had soo much other interesting things to tell :) ) and this time there were just two warriors, my toon was one of them. I had the better gear so i was supposed to be Main Tank. Great... could be fun... íf i can keep aggro on those damn DPS machines..
So for the first time in my warriors carreer i went full Protection, always had some points in Prot but never all the way down.
All of the sudden i lost some usefull skills, a shitload of dps but i gained some health, stamina and a couple of new nifty skills.
I am one of those people who reads up on different classes aswell, quite helpfull when i need(ed) to lead raids... so i read about most skills and i know how they can be used. Still, which skill gives the most aggro? When i was armes and i tanked i used Sunder and Revenge and when i had rage to spare Heroic Strike, while sunder only stacks to 5 times it still gives its threat when maxed so i'd spam that if Revenge wasnt up as it has a better Threat/rage ratio then Heroic Strike.
Now i had Shield Slam and Devastate all of the sudden aswell and i had no idea how a good threat rotation would be, sure i read about it and played with threat rotation but i didn't have these skills before.. and i have the memory of a drunk hamster.

How did i tank then? Sunder the mob 5 times (revenge when up) and then start tapping Devastate. When i had enough rage i'd use Heroic Strike aswell. I had no good idea where to use Shieldslam and it seems its a superior threat builder compared to Devastate.. at least i know now and looking forward to try again next Alt-run/5-man.
Despite of me not fully using my rage to it's fullest potential i still feel i did pretty good, i was able to stay ahead of most people most of the time (had a Epic geared lock along who could be a bit of a pain at times but at least the DPS-happy Hunter found the threatmeter on his screen as he proudly told me afterwards).
I guess the 300g on gems i spend just before we started helped keeping me alive aswell... good thing this alt farms me herbs in return so my Main can pot up cheaper.
This weekend i'll have to take that dreaded blender once again i suppose if i want to achieve anything in the Arena. :S

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