Monday, September 3


You ever twinked? You know, getting the most amazing stuff for your low level alt and fill him/her up with expensive, over the top enchants so you could do some serious ganking in the Battlegrounds? Well.. i did sorta.
I liked to call my Twink, semi-twinked as i didnt have Crusader on my weapons (had a Rogue which seemed one of the best twink options) or any other absurd enchants either. I did buy some nice blues and leveled him with Engineering so i could have some handy dandy stunning grenades and other stuff like that [Net Throwing Thingie] which helped alot when trying to stop the flag, even when it backfired alot. (Gnome Engineering at its finest!)
So i was happily grinding reputation Pre-TBC so i could buy some sweet gear once i got some higher rep. The bitch was i couldnt turn in those damn tokens as i was afraid to level and i wanted to stick at level 29.
Being hacked kinda spoiled this all as my Semi-twink got stripped up until his underwear. :(

After a while (when i got my other toons back in shape and could afford gearing my not-close-to-semi-twink up again i decided to go for it.
I lost some items i couldnt replace (Questrewards like the Triprunners from Gnomeregan) and to make up for that i slapped a Cobra Scale Armorpatch on my new patch... and while i was add it, put a libram on that headpiece. Ow and i have an orb left... let's do a Crusader :)
I didnt go all out and there are still some items missing from my wishlist but i do okay now i guess. There were still more twinked people out there (it seemed i was often one of the few twinked ones on my side while the Horde had a small army of twinks)
but at least i could give them a good fight for their money.

With the new system i was gathering Honor and Tokens (which had use for a change) and i was able to get some nice gear. I just needed to go to the Silverwing Sentinels near Auberdine but to my surprise i didnt have that flightpatch yet.
So i started on the journey and avoided killing mobs so i wouldnt get any XP, still i got some small ammounts of discovery XP and when i was finaly there i got one final dose of XP and... DING! 30 :((
No longer was i the highest in my league as Battlegrounds are from 20-29 en 30-39. That small ammount of XP made lots of my gear instantly worthless.. well, sub-par anyway compared to level 39 twinks.
I began the grind to level 39 and i think i got stuck around 37 now... not really stuck actually as i got past the most horrible bit of Stranglethorn Vale (30-35 imho) but lost interest in my Rogue for awhile anyway. I could level it easily to 40 now and do some serious leveling but do i really need another level 70 character?
Best i wait till i made up my mind. Till then my Rogue is parked in the inn in Booty Bay, ready for any pvp-enabled Horde that enters my room.

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