Monday, September 10

Camera.. action!

One of my previous post was actually inspired by this post.. i just didnt write it yet ;) And this post is inspired by something i read on, a post about machinima. I was looking around which special programs Myndflame used for example and all i found was some reference to a program that wasnt available anymore. This wowinsider post showed me most machinima creators didnt use anything really special afterall. Yeah i made a clip once (mocking a Raidleader who has a thing with looting killed Boss's near their back-end, i guess when you are a gnome you are easily focused on asses) but i was wondering what more options were around.
Wowmodelviewer is often uses in the bit more advanced machinima (blue screen stuff etc) and when going beyond that people import their own 3D models aswell.
Hopefully i'll get my new PC in a week or 2, i was so sick of my PC crashing i decided to order one, and i might give filming a shot once again.
Maybe a themed film or something would be fun to do.. or making a clip for a song, something basic like that.
It would also allow me to finally get Wowmodelviewer to work and make a decent titlebar for this blog ;)

For your entertainment i've stolen one of Sparky's films again which was about UtopĂ­a. (That guild turned in Elysium when TBC started bringing along 95% of the previous members.) Hopefully i'll get my PC soon so i can make me one of my own, altho... Halo 3 for the Xbox360 will be out soon aswell ;)

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