Thursday, September 6

Unbalanced Party

Everyone has been in an unbalanced party before, a party where you ran with too many healers.. a pettank instead of a "real" tank, three Hunters.. various other options are possible. But thats not what i wanted to discuss at this moment. ;)
Pre Burning Crusade my guild was raiding MC, BWL and AQ40. MC was mostly an alt run with a couple of mains still hoping for that one (legendary?) drop. Every had done Stratholme for the bazillionth time on non-raid nights and we were pretty much outfitting in Epics, making those instances kind of trivial.
So our Huntercommunity came up with a interesting idea: How about doing an instance with all Hunters? People might have done it before, more likely on lower level in lower instances but i hadnt heard about it before and i was thrilled about the idea.
Playing with only Hunters would create some interesting situations, more interesting then when playing with just Druids who could fill every role by themselves. (even make it a stealthrun).
No we Hunters would have to do without a tank and healers. We discussed some tactics pre-run like which pet would be the best tank, demoting its master to the tank healer. As we planned to do a Tribute run in Diremaul North, which was one of the harder 5-man instances back then, we thought about how setting the Icetrap for the 3nd boss, how to kill the endboss and that sort of things.

The planned evening arrived and 5 Hunters (4 mains and 1 alt) set their way to Diremaul North... Sparky, Babyhunter, Tasic, Gakochun's Hunter alt and myself; Exanimo. It was fun i can tell you and after we succesfully done it other classes speculated on how they could pull of a run like this. Druids came even close to actually leaving on this trip determined to beat our time (which they surely would have) but for some reason never got the 5man together. (i was even planning to come along on my Druid alt :) )
Sparky made a nice video with some highlights in it which is shown below for your enjoyment.

Seeing this video back again it makes me wanna do another run like this but this time in one of the Outland instances. Hunter pets have been greatly buffed since those days so it may be a walk in the park.. 5 traps will help alot aswell. ;)
While its no longer the days of 40man raids and each class is less presented in most guilds, with some alts or class-mates from other Guilds it is probably still possible to arrange. I'm getting exited again al ready :P

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Peashooter said...

I did an all hunter run back when I was lvl 19, it was 2 19s, 1 20, and 2 38s who were running us through Deadmines, I'm sure this is much, much, much easier than what you did, but we were all noobs.

the one thing that was great about that run was that we only wiped once, because one of the lvl 38s was an idiot and he pulled the entire goblin smelting room at once.

-Peashooter (Goodie and Goodie, my charecters)