Wednesday, September 12

My on-line me

You often hear that people are a different person online, an office clerk during the day but at night he saves the world and is praised by all. (Fair maidens swoon when i pass them ^^)
But are you realy a different person online? Jerks in real life are often jerks ingame aswell and people who have a leading function in the game often do this in real life aswell. So while we try to be someone else online, i myself see alot of myself in my online alterego. No i'm not talking those pointy ears or that blue ponytail (can't wait till they implent changeable hairstyles) but personality.
I consider myself a good guy, not much people can't deal with me i think... i did met with a few explosive/incompatible personalities and i let them know i didn't like them quite clearly so thats the only exception.
Otherwise i work hard to build and preserve my good name. I sometimes wonder if i could just be a big asshole and out all my daily frustrations on random people.. as soon as i quit wow there won't be a single soul that knows who i am or where i live.

From another point of view; some people are a lot more outcoming when they can hide behind a virtual character. Someone who is a bit shy can be a real chatter-head all of the sudden... until he's forced to use teamspeak perhaps ;)
I guess a game like Wow can actually help grow people, never expected this post would get an educational twist all of the sudden...
Might be a nice question to ask yourself to end this post with: Is your Azerothian Hero anything like you?

Ow btw... that picture aint me, i'm more like a Dicaprio/Clooney looking guy. Honest!

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