Monday, September 17

A RL/WoW mate

When i started World of Warcraft i wasn't alone, one of my best Reallife friends (a true gamer aswell) started with it the same time as i did.
Ofcourse my Girlfriend started WoW aswell (2 days later as i bougth her a WoW copy... the sollution to all possible problems i could have had playing too much games ;) ) but this friend was there from the very start.
We leveled together (i was often 4-5 levels ahead so i did most quests twice) and probably did 98% of the instances together.. even the raid instances with our Guild(s).
When i left my guild we grew up in he quit it at the same time and we joined the same new guild, my girlfriend was in the same guild aswell but she stayed in the previous guild for a couple of weeks longer as she knew so many people there (in RL aswell as it was a total Dutch guild which has RL meetings). She joined us later as it was a bit difficult that she had different raidnights as i had.
Doing an instance was often easy for us as we already had 3people to a 5man; a Tank, a Lock and a Hunter in case you want to know.

But then this mate got a GF which did not play WoW (Oh the horror!) and he went completely out of sight. Not just in WoW but also in RL. (talking about cold turkey..) But recently he got some free time all of the sudden and he gets time from his GF to do his own things aswell, often because she's doing stuff of her own at that time but let's not get picky right?
So we had some gaming sessions again (on 360) and last week he suggested to play some WoW together again... it seemed he had re-enabled his WoW account aswell. He managed to get to level 64 before he logged out for the last time and we planned to pick that up again on a Sunday. He brought his PC over (which he used to do at an average two full weekends a month before he got into the mating thing) and i ran him through a bunch of instances using my Warrior if we needed a tank or my Moonkin (level 63, dinged 64 that day) when we needed a healer. (a crappy one i might add)

Zeven hours later our time was up and it was over within a blink of the eye it seemed in which we managed to do 4 instanceruns. Not thát much xp or loot but i didnt push him through a 7 hours xp-grind just yet fearing he might be bored with WoW too fast again.
Eventho i did not gain much that day when looking at virtual gain, (some xp + some loot for my inactive druid and repairs for my warrior) i did gain a serious dose of RL reputation and had fun while doing it.
It's nice to have a m8 who shares your passion for a certain game doesnt it? Sure hope he can clear up some evenings again and can play the game he loved so much before, maybe even join us on a raid once in a while... time will tell.

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