Tuesday, September 11

Your Ultimate WoW goal - part 1

My first personal goal in WoW was having fun ofcourse but when i still was a level 15 Hunter (or something around that level) i already read about [Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers], the proof for a Hunter that you could play your class pretty damn good imo.
As a young little Nightelf i couldnt dare dreaming of ever owning an Epic, let alone thé ultimate bow! Ofcourse i knew that i needed to do Molten Core to make a slim chance on starting the quest, something else i never dreamed to believe.
A loooong time later i actually stepped foot in the Molten Core with my casual guild and it took us quite a while but we finally reached Major Domo. I made it up to Raidleader in the meantime and using my tactic we managed to kill the dude ánd the quest item for the Epic Hunter quest dropped.... i used about all my DKP (we use a bidding system) which didnt bother me much as i had my full T2 set together anyway.

I was so enthousiastic and determined that i completed this quest within the following weekend.
The quest wanted you to kill 4 Elite demons without help of anyone, not even your pet... which was unlike anything i had done so far and perhaps still. When you failed you wouldnt be able to spawn the demon again for 4 hours and there would be just one (for 30mins) so if an other Hunter spawned him before you, tough luck!
Lucky for me most demons were there when i wanted to try them, i tried 4 of them unpotted to test the water and killed one on the first spawn.
The other three were done a bit later that weekend.

This was my personal Ultimate Goal in WoW and while i've killed the demons a couple of times more for some Hunterfriends who tried and tried but failed, it was never a challenge like it was back then. Still great fun and it was quite back-patting one shotting those Demons after a friend/guildy did 2-4 attempts just before that and were close to dispair.
Another question is if i should have helped others with this and while i have my own doubts, thats a subject for a different post. ;)
Anyway, i haven't had a personal high like that in WoW anymore and i can only pray the game will offer me a fresh goal soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey exa, Napok here.

I do remember the day you got the bow, how jealouse can one be :P.
I believe you were the first hunter from the cartel to get it right?
anyway, i do mis the old days where that bow was actualy hard to get.


Timble said...

hihi fun blog. But ya fool!! You did not have T2 at that time. It was only T1 :p

Exanimo said...

Ah damn T1 ofcourse.. Killing some Elite Demons sounds much more like a challenge then all of the sudden doesnt it? :P

Never could get used to those Giantstalker shoulders, the ugliest shoulders i've ever had surely.