Friday, September 14

Changing guilds

I'm defo not planning to as i have a great guild but i thought it would be an interesting subject. I myself am a very loyal guy i suppose, i started in the open beta and have only been a member of two guilds in my whole (mains) carreer.
Every time i start an alt tho i stay unguilded for awhile, sooner or later the quietness drives me mad and then i ask for an invite from a random noob spamming in General. Most of the time these are Guilds run by a 14year old, proud of the 3 level 70-players they have in the guild.
In guilds like this there are often a few good players hiding on their alt with which you can run an instance later on.
Often i find myself quiting in 2-3 days and going on solo again, sometimes because of the silence, other times because of an overdose of n00bness or players with too much testosterone.
After a while, mostly somewhere between level 20-30, i join my own guild again.. which helps me appreciate them more once again.

Now hopping guilds like this aint neccesarly a bad thing i suppose, i did ran into some nice people like this and my Druid alt was actually hidding in a guild from which later my current guild was created. Hopping guilds with an alt can be a great laugh, you'll meet some noobs beyond believe while other guilds will have some refreshing people in it with a whole different look on the game.
I ran into a beginning player into Westfall once which had no idea how everything worked in Wow and i had fun helping him out a bit as he almost talked to me in a roleplaying way. He was trying to sell some gear using /say, adressing me politely (and with no clue about /w) explaining how good the gear was he had crafted. I went along with it and bought some white items of him just for fun (vendored for the same price as he sold them :P) and made him some green items which he insisted to pay for, so i sold them for half the vendor price.
He wasnt in a guild i joined so i'm going a bit offtopic here but hey, it's my blog aint it? ;)

Back to the changing guilds topic then.. surely everyone thinks about how it would be in a different guild sometimes? When things go a bit bad, you want to change your own playstyle/time, want to be with (ingame) friends, plenty of reasons i'd say.
What makes me wonder is my curiosity i suppose. I just changed guilds once on my Main and i don't see a second time coming any time soon. Sure i've been thinking "what if i joined a Hardcore raidguild", i could see the new content much faster then i do now... but at what price? No flexibility, people who get recruited because of skill not because of personality (that seems a great way to meet some jerks), a strict hand on my raidtime, nothing to say about how things go. Well i'm happy where we are, above average raidprogress.. sometimes a bit slower (Holidays seem to slow us each year again) but even wipe-nights are fun, i'm sure not many guilds have that. :)

Do i dare asking a question yet? Ah let's go crazy... what makes you consider/dream about changing guilds?

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