Tuesday, September 18

Invest and thy will receive!

Monday is Alt Karazhan run nowadays which offers most people a welcome change from playing their usual toon and some it gives a second chance to get their main some loot from there.
I can imagen it's a real pain running with a bunch of alts as progress is alot slower and the chance on death quite a bit higher.

Last week we died quite a bit, healers had trouble keeping the tanks up (me being one of those highly armored tincans) and a wipe would often follow shortly. We still managed to reach Maiden which we downed (i offered my spot for some range dps so i didnt see her go down myself).
I spend some of my week running my warrior through some instances hoping for some good drops but i wasn't too lucky, i did get myself a nice new cloak crafted
[Cloak Of Eternity] and fitted myself with a few more enchants and gems. This combined with some more tanking experience (i was a bit rusty as i hadnt tanked much for quite a few months) resulted in very few deaths, also for my fellow tank who also worked had on his gear (and had a bit more luck getting drops).
Smoothly we cleared to the Huntsman, the Huntsman himself, the adds to Moroes and then Moroes himself. I don't remember dieing there once, think we did lose someone at Moroes which was soulstoned tho. Moroes was kind enough to drop a plate belt and since my tank "buddy" stepped out for a main to get some loot (which dropped for him the lucky git) i got myself
[Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable], quite an upgrade even without gems.

We were on a roll so we steamed on and shortly we were in front of Maiden, even pulling some double packs by mistake here and there which we downed flawlessly. It didnt take long as Maiden was down aswell, we lost a few people along the way but managed still.
Again some nice plate loot on which i passed for the re-entered tank as i already got some Epic loving that evening.
It was still early and we went on to the Opera, we got one of the more simple events: The Big Bad Wolf, but for some reason we managed to wipe twice on him. The tank didnt manage to get enough aggro on him while chasing him, chasing Red Riding Hood and DPS kept on going strong... so Wolfie ate a few people before the tank got him again. Same problem second try so we decided to step a bit back on dps to get more control which seemed to work, aswell that people got better in the running bit. I myself focus on threat instead of debuffing + some damage so i would be 2nd on the aggro list in case the tank died, which he did as he got himself a nice little red cloak.
Things were under control that time even after that and we downed him dropping a nice healer trinket. :)

Because of some people investing in their gear things went alot smoother this run, even had some time to spare (not enough to reach Curator tho). So it shows that a little bit of effort (or in my case spending quite a bit of cash on gear, gems and enchants) can pay off.
I'm happy spending more money on my new belt's gems and looking forward to next weeks alt-Kara run.

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