Friday, September 7

A Raidleaders life is Hell... every freaking minute of an instance. Well maybe thats a bit over the top but as soon as combat starts you try to keep an eye on every single thing of the battlefield. Even worse, before battle even starts you'll try to think of every possible thing that could happen and how to anticipate that.
Our guild has a Raidleader, more then one actually but when this guy is online (95% of the time) hé is thé Raidleader. I'm not sure if he would like a break and wishes one of the other Raidleaders would take over but he never complains. I try to support him the best i can; setting MT windows if i know how he wants them, reminding him of things that need to be explained, warn him if someone doesnt seem to know what he's doing so he can explain it once more, etc. Loads of those things are things i or any of the other raidleaders could do as well i suppose but nothing as confusing as several people giving directions at once.

Still.. unexpected things will happen and it depends on your group how well it is being coped with. The raidleader tries to prepare us on all possible events but sometimes the unexpected happens... it may be a bug, it may be dumb luck, it may be a DC, you name it.
A good group can adapt, we shouldnt be like sheep waiting for the Raidleader to shout the new instructions. (roll over, play dead, sit... hey, stop playing dead! ow.. ffs) For example a few days back we did Karazhan and we got the Wizard of Oz in the Opera, a DPS warrior was gonna kite Tinman but he didn’t do that before so tripped over his own dwarven beard and got killed. Since kiting is part of the Hunterbasics i took over right away.. not waiting for Raidleader instructions, if they had a better idea then that i could adapt once more but for that moment we needed a fast solution. (easiest thing i ever kited ánd in such a small space btw) The Crow went down shortly after that.

Another example: Yesterday we did the Lurker Below in SSC. When the Lurker dove down during an earlier attempt, the tanks needed to pick up their adds but right at the moment they became aggro'able some Heals over Time from a Druid ticked and one add ran off. The weird thing was there was actually a taunt on the mob (couldn’t check myself as i was misdirecting another mob onto that tank) but for some reason that didn’t work as it should.
The Raidleader shouted some instructions on Teamspeak to several people which were misunderstood and adaption went poorly, resulting in a few people lost. Was it a bug, did the tank not do his task correctly and/or wrongly interperted the RL's instructions or was it simply bad luck?
We try to think of the most unexpected and prepare for that.. this situation is of course added to the list of expected unexpected "things", coming soon to a raid explanation near you! ;)

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