Monday, September 10

Weekend's report

A fairly slow weekend for a Wow addict i guess, Fridaynight we started out clearing out a few leftovers in Karazhan as we messed up RaidID's so the second Kara group didnt have a swing at a fresh instance anyway. Ah well, we've been running Kara for quite a while already anyway and some have had it with that instance anyway.
To give myself something to do on Sathurday i tried the Arena's with my level 70 Warrior. I found myself a Resto Shammy who was dumb/kind enough to team up with an alt. I must say i learned alot that day.. mostly how to cope with defeat ;)
Well it wasn't thát bad, we managed to win 4 out of 6 but some matches were over before i could blink twice. And the sad thing is i think it could be mostly blamed on me... after a few tries i got into my warrior a bit more so things went better but i found out my burst damage just wasnt enough to kill people fast enough, with a decent healer against us we were pretty much screwed even with Mortal Strike on it.
A good thing was we did the arena's during daytime as i feel the more mature arena groups will be playing late at night.
This way we met up with some pretty bad groups/players or maybe we just weren't as bad as we thought we were. :P
Later i did some more instance runs with my Warrior alt (can i really call it an alt just because i don't raid with it? playtimes might be almost the same as my main) which resulted in some rep-gain.

Unexpectedly the Guildbank offered me a LW pattern which dropped in SSC earlier... it was pattern which created a BoP item which was some sort of upgrade to me and for just 20DKP it seemed like it would be worth the trouble. The "trouble" in this story were the 10 Primal Air's, the 2 Primal Nethers in it and the special scales + leather i still had on stock.
This kind of made me wish i didnt use those 4 Airs i had for a Cobrascale armorkit for on my warriors pants earlier that day.
Good thing i found me a good grindspot and about 2,5 hours later i had 70 motes of Air. Tired of grinding i bought the last 3 Primal Airs on the AH so now i'm the proud owner of [Boots of the Crimson Hawk].
Just need to compensate for some hit loss with a hit-gem in some other item and i'll be okay.
My Theorycraft addon showed the improvement on damage already and i still need to enchant them with +12 agi, but this addon doesn't take hit-loss in account as long as i'm not targeting a level 72+ so i'd better not consider myself richer just yet.

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