Wednesday, September 19

Todays n00b: The raidleader!

Our raidleader is often the target of our raids mockery... not because people disrespect him, think he's a geek (erm, he probably is anyway but who isnt?), dislike him or that he doesn't play his class correctly. (on the contrary imo)
He's one of those people who wants to do éverything, instruct each and every person personally and explain tactics till our ears start bleeding.
While he is so busy he often misses a few kB of attention which results in a noobaction, which resulted in death to himself or often even for the complete raid.
Strangly he has this most of the time with Giant type creatures/mobs, so it's not like it's easy to miss them. This resulted in us blaming him to have a Giant fettish, him being a Gnome makes that a unlikely match at least. It began with a Golemag affair where he managed to pull it from top of the stone bridge in MC, (multiple times i believe) but he had multiple experiences with other Giants after that.. he even experimented with a Dragon (blinked into Vaelstraz) but that ended in a 1-time affair.
But it's a cheeky little gnome who likes to experiment it seems so just this week he went for a gangbang and pulled a whole pack in SSC while visually explaining tactics. (beasts in that pack aswell btw o.O)

Do we blame him? Sure we do.. but not in a bad way. He'll surely hear about it many many times but it's just for the tease.
Anyone who does that much does for the rest of the guild is afforded to fuck things up every now and then, however stupid it is.
The fact that he laughs at our (often over the top) jokes and insults makes it only more fun, the added selfmockery makes the show complete.. he knows it's all play and no harm is ever intended.
I must say he tends to find new creative ways to wipe us quite often and that alone is worth those repairs. (altho i do try to Feign Dead in a safe spot when possible ^.^ ) Doesn't every guild need a n00b? Even if it's your raidleader... (okay, okay i admit.. we have quite a few, some Guilds just have a bit more luck it seems :P )

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