Wednesday, September 26

Ow noes!

Busy at work so i haven't been able to blog much sofar... didn't even have much time to browse forums or read up on the new patch (2.2).
What i dó know is that The level 70 Ravagers are tameable now which might be a nice alternative to my Cat. The Scorpid is useless so that frees up a stableslot to try that one out, or i could go for a Raptor but i still have to check out Petopia on what skills they have.
I seem to remember they were "jack of all trades" so medium health, armor and dps so if that is (still) the fact he won't get a spot in my compfy stables sadly enough.

By the way, for a change this Wow addict is planning to NOT play Wow tonight... i was at home during lunch and had a nice little package ready for me containing Halo 3 for my xbox360. I wasnt too impressed by the graphix tbh (which i could blame on my HD LCD tv being repaired >.> ) and i need to get used to using a controller again, but it still has that playability Halo is so well known for, can't wait to team up with a couple of mates and play it coop. (i'll tank kk?)

Maybe i should ask my GF to write some WoW stuff the next few days while i go boost Masterchief to level 70 ^^

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