Thursday, September 6

Hate-love relationships

No i'm not talking about my me and my GF here.. i'm talking about those weird connection some people have, often a result of some twisted humour. In the past we had a player in the guild who loved to herass Hunters for some reason... sure i can take a joke, i can take two, i can take three... but this guy was roleplaying his hate for Hunters to perfection.
It wasn't just me, three of our Hunters (had 6 at that time) even had this guy on ignore when not raiding with him. This guy was probably just having fun with us, not noticing that he went a bit too far with it.

But with some people you have more then just a Hate-relation, there is some "love" involved aswell.
We have quite a few people in our guild with a twisted sense of humour and quite a couple of those have a sharp tongue which results in quite amusing chats in Guild-, Raid- or Partychat... often going on till someone bows down to the others over the top remark, mostly ended by the "loser" by ROFL instead of another witty reply.
We have several returning themes (sex and twisted games for example, 'pegging' is used on a daily basis) and people who are often the target of the assault but don't seem to mind the abuse and have a great lauch about it.. after all, it goes that far over the top that is sooo clear its not true. Even the most simple action/question often results in a twisted wordgame.

As an example i'll take a conversation i had with someone i'll call Big Gay Al to hide his real name. :P
[Me]: Would you mind making me a few gems plz?
[Big Gay Al]: What a stupid question is that, you know bloody well i do mind!
[Me]: But you make them anyway right? :P
[Big Gay Al]: Only if you hug my Squirrel
(he ment his Mechanical Squirrel pet btw.. at least i assume)
Exanimo steps on Mechanical Squirrel. Clank!
[Me]: How's that?
So i trade the gems and he accepts.
Big Gay Al takes the Enduring Talasite and chucks them up Exanimo's ass.
Anyway.. he makes the Gems and trades them, not pressing accept yet.
[Big Gay Al]: Say please.
Exanimo gives Mechanical Squirrel oral pleasure.
[Big Gay Al]: Good boy.

It's an interaction which could take 20 seconds but things like this stretch it to several minutes.
Personaly for me these nonsence discussions add something to online play, i guess you either Love that.. or Hate it

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