Friday, September 21

Ow it's On!

A raiding night once again... to kill time the Paladins and Hunters start lovingly insulting each other again. I die on a pull as i managed to misclick my misdirection button and get aggro myself and after i'm back from a reboot (sounds was messed up) a Paladin (the infamous Big gay Al as i will call him again) comes rez me.. or so it seems. He takes a seat on my head so i have no choice but whisper him some fresh insults.
We end our destination and the Pala-Hunter discussions continue: They call us smelly, we call them gay and compliment them once more on their dashing Pink shoulders.
Insults and mockery go back and forth till i say: "before this night is over my kitty will use you for a litterbin!" That might not have been a smart thing to say... "Ow, its On"
So we start on a boss-event: The Lurker Below in SSC. We've killed this guy before, one-shotted even but we have some new people today and are low on healers. At 60% or something some healers pay a bit too much attention to people's healthbars and get killed by a spout or something. I prepare for the kitty-litter action, dismiss my pet and find myself a good spot to Feign Dead. All of the sudden i see a shitload of mobs comming my way lead by a bubbled pala who starts dancing on my now fresh corpse.. the bastard!
Quite a challenge i've gotten myself into.. i do appreciatte his creativity tho. He manages to do this the next 2 wipes aswell (yeah we had a crappy night for some reason /blush) and tells me he has won the bet on which i replied: The night aint over yet!

We go to Magtheridon and we get some bad luck and a tank gets feared a looong way and pulls another pack and most of the raid meets it's end (the next pull we manage to pull a second pack again but deal with it without losing too many btw).. a few of us make a run for it and heavily dotted and low on health i reach the outside. I start eating food quickly and manage to stay alive for two more ticks but the next one was surely gonna kill me.. when all of the sudden i get a huge heal, i'm alive! It was a Paladin who healed me, not Big gay Al but still quite funny as he was gonna help me achieve my promiss.
I walk in and it takes me a minute before i remembered the oath i had taken, a quick /target Big Gay Al shows me that i'm the one who is still standing this time. I start searching among the corpses and time runs short as i see he already released and is running back.
But then i find him and park my kitty on top of him and take a screenshot, just seconds before the body turns into a Skelleton as he enters the instance.
[Exanimo]: I got such a niiiice screenshot ^^
[Big Gay Al] Fuuuuuuck! :(

Ofcourse i had to post this highlight on our Guildforum eventho he threatned to post a simular one.. but i've held my end of the bargain ;)

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