Friday, November 9

That guy at work

I need to thank you, my readers, or actually the people at work should thank you. Because if i didn't write down my Wow obsessions in this blog i would have been "that guy at work". You know who i mean, this guy (or perhaps even girl/woman) who keeps talking about what obsesses him.. often something that aint interesting in the far distance, at least not for you it is.
It even become less interesting when he starts repeating himself and you start to hear fragments for the 3rd time, quite amazing how you can tell the same story in so many different (but still boring) ways.
The best thing is to just keep doing whatever you were doing when this guy starts and give him an occassional "uhuh", you're just there to receive anyway... don't bother to respond or add to his wall of text as he ain't gonna stop talking for a second anyway.

I'm always cautious when people start me on Wow to not end up like this rambling guy at work. Being overenthousiastic about a game is still not completely accepted and if you go on about it too long you will get mocked.
I guess me talking about my Wow passion is for non-players as boring as it is for me when this guy at work is talking about his house and the chours he still needs to do (for the 100th time). But still it's socially more accepted that this guy keeps on chattering on about wooden floors, paint and nails while i get a frown when i talk about my on-line friends and virtual items. Perhaps a grown man shouldn't spend so much time on a game?
So thank you, for reading my ramblings and making me not feel like that guy who's stories aint interesting enough to want to devote some valuable time on. Ow and i would appreciate if you wouldn't comment with "uhuh". ;-)

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The Eternal n00bie said...

Ah... But there is the rub.

Because even as we bloggers sublminate our obsessions into the written word, we, hopefully, will create an amazing post or find an incredible comment and we will want to share it with our co-workers. We can't help it... It's too awesome to be contained. And then... And then, they will relize the depth of our obsession and be very, very scared of us.