Saturday, November 10

About bloody time!

Ok.. 65 posts later i finally do what i told myself to do at the start: make a proper header! Well proper, it's sorta what i had in mind and i'm pretty happy with it myself.
I'm not 100% done yet as i need to center the damned picture, didn't find how that was possible.. perhaps the only way is making a wider image... but i'll look into that later. It's 2 'o clock at night now and i just finished this after a late raid into Serpentshrine Caverns and it's really bedtime for me now.
The only reason i'm still doing this is the lack of Wow-time i have this weekend due to social events, bleeuk!

Some info on the header; the background picture is actually my workspace at the office... that's where i write 99,9% of my blogs and spam various other blogs and forums and look for all the Wow-related info during daytimes. Ow and i manage to do some work there aswell now and then. ;)
I used Wow modelview to assemble my character, thats how i look at the moment but i don't intend to change it before i got full Tier7 just so you know. After that i used the same program to get some other wow-related items which are in there aswell.

I edited the screenshots with Paintshop pro and then put it all together in Adobe Imagestyler, which is an outdated program (freeware now) but i still use it. (Livemotion was its followup which has been replaced by something else again i believe)

Anyway, hope you like the new header. :)

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