Friday, October 19

Argh Crap Legit!

The first time i saw a guild with the name "Argh Crap Legit" i didnt quite get it.. not being English and all. I suppose it's like when seeing a word or sentence (instead of actually reading it) and your brain regonizes the words or at least i thinks it does. Someone says something and you glance over it and then you think "WHAT did he just say there?" and then you read back and it's not something dirty afterall (aaawww...).
I was reading this guildname like something as Argh Cramp Leggings (where crap=tight as Krap is dutch for too tight/small), so i thought someone was just complaining about his pants... didnt make much sense to me either :P
Only later i found out i had to read leg it instead of seeing it as one word.... aaah!

Anywayssss, enough of my previous mistakes, let's focus on a new one... a Leg it moment :)
Yesterday i was back in Serpentshrine Caverns after missing out a couple of times. Either me or my fellow Hunter officer devides Misdirection assignements (altho the Hunters do it on their own when neither of us is there aswell) and we have not a set puller.
If the tank you are assigned to needs to tank the next mob, you pull it.
And there our story begins... i was dozing off a bit, checking out our forums on my second screen until my colleague poked me to pull my tanks mob. I quickly ran forward as i had no idea how long people had been waiting and just when i popped Misdirect on the tank, the mob turned around and walked away. I was still out of range so ran after him and by the time i was in range he was awfully close to this pack of mobs which caused the next dilemma: To pull or not to pull? I pulled alot of mobs, often been the puller in various instances from MC to Karazhan and even SSC and TK... so my guts said to me "They are to close Exa, don't do it!". But the Misdirect buff was already ticking and if i missed i would have to wait for it to be ready again.. causing a delay for the whole raid. Hmmmmmm.... so i pulled.... and wiped us. I felt my head turning red and was very annoyed with myself. One of those moments i'd rather just HS and log out, what a dumbass taking a chance like that. I confessed and appologized to the raid and they didnt give me any grief for it, that's the way things go in our guild. (/hug)

After a couple of minutes everyone was rezzed and buffed and the Raidleader spammed his "Pull please" macro. I ran forward to the mob, Misdirected the tank and just at that point the mob turned around and i ran after it to get in range. Starting to sound familiar?
This time i didnt pull however... a quick "Doh!" on Teamspeak caused some laughter and relief from the other side of my headphones.
So i did it the old fashion way when the mob returned, a simple shot on it and then legit back to the tank... hoping he didn't have a noob-moment like i did. :)

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