Tuesday, October 23

My boss C.V.

I'm in a good mood again... yesterday we had a Alt Karazhan raid and there was actually a spot for me.
At first i was a bit worried as there were a view mains along (mains have priority over alts) and there was a tank amongst them aswell. This tank was dps untill somewhere last week but he managed to get some nice tankgear during the raids.
If we both would need items he would have priority on it but that didnt matter to me, i like tanking and on most pulls and bosses the offtanks job is pretty boring. Luckily for me the Raidleader decided i was the man for the job as the other guy wasn't experienced enough yet, even tho he had slightly better gear then i did.
Perhaps he could have used the practise but as an OT there is probably plenty to learn still when you haven't been a tank for longer then a week.

I've been working on threat rotations again and i've become better in using the most effective threat skills. As i was MT1 people nuked my target first and even without a Hunters Misdirect they would start right after the pull, not waiting for 3 sunders as we did pre-TBC.
I'm pretty proud to say i managed to stay ahead of the DPS... i think my taunt button felt left out that day, the Raidleader whispered me and complimented me on my TPS (Threat per second) which surprised me anyone noticed. Too be honest i dont think i can improve threat much more with my current threat cycle.. i really need some upgrades for that. I was hoping to get the tank sword from the chess chest for that, i was "unlucky" but did get [Battlescar Boots]. Kind of a shame i recently got the [Veteran's Plate Greaves] Veteran's Plate Greaves but the extra defense on it will be usefull as i expect to replace some gear soon with gear with less defense and i still need to have 490 to stay uncrittable.

So far i managed to tank all the bosses in Karazhan with the exception if Netherspite, Nightbane and the Prince. I "had" to give up my spot for some dps yesterday who was a Main and still needed some Prince loot. As we only needed 1 tank the logical choice was keeping the other tank in who was a Main aswell and still needed loot aswell... shame because i wanted to give him a try, would have looked good on my CV :P

Tonight it's time for some more serious stuff. As we killed 4/6 bosses in SSC and still need to equip one of our locks with the needed FR gear to take on nr 5 before we can attempt Lady Vashj, we are likely be stepping foot in TK again. We haven't had much time in there, VoidReaver has been downed quite a few times but we didn't try many other... just Val'ar a couple of times on which we made good progress,
This is actually one of the better looking bosses and quite a fun event imho, certainly for the tanks as it requires a bit of movement which is a welcome change from their often static tankjob.
Most guilds kill VoidReaver first (or LootReaver as some call him) and pass underneath Val'ar which is a burning Phoenix circeling high in the room, this boss seemed a lot more interesting then most others i'd seen in SSC.
Perhaps we manage to take it down tonight if we get the right people together, i just pray his gun won't drop as it is better then i have but it's sooooo damn ugly.

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