Wednesday, October 31

The Gear Race

My Warlock m8 has been playing more intensively lately now his GF is hooked on the game aswell, she's still leveling somewhere while he is getting ready for the raiding game he used to be in aswell. On monday he had one of his first raids with great succes (but i've told about that earlier).
So what do you do when you get new items? You want to tell people about it... your Girlfriend, your Parents, your collegues, your cat... whoever is willing to listen. I'm lucky enough to have Gf who can appreciate wow-related stories as she plays herself but i'm not taking the chance to be riddiculed by others for being too enthousiastic about this game anymore, loads of people simply don't get it. (snif)
People who game can often relate but besides my Warlock m8, my GF and my brother in law i have little people to share my WoW passion with.
This warlock m8 of mine does however... one of his collegues is a wow-player aswell, Horde however and on a different server (same battlegroup ^^) but he's doing Karazhan with his guild aswell so can share stories with my m8 who is fairly new to Kara aswell.
This collegue is a warrior (protection just as my alt) so my mate showed him my profile to show the gear i got and what items i received last raid. Occording to my m8 he was quite interested in all the good items i already had and he was still after, perhaps even a little bit jealous.
And then he mentioned to him this better geared Warrior was actually an alt.... thats one way to get someone down i suppose.

That's just the way it is in this game; there are (almost) always people who have better stuff then you. It's no race and as there is no finish it's not important how fast you go but how great your journey is. But if someone even outgears you with an alt doesn't it make you feel like you've been lapped?

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