Thursday, October 25

One of those sloooooow nights

Yesterday we had an optional Karazhan run for mains and while quite a few were interested, we didnt have a single healer...
So no kara, which was probably for the best as the Tempest Keep run the night before ended at 24h30 and most of us could use an early night and some farming to get ready for the next raid..

I was up for a slow night, i didn't want to commit myself to a pug and i surely didn't feel like questing. Without a clue what to do i was hanging around Shattrah as i used to in IF aswell, i guess many have spend a Wow-night like that aswell.
When a guildy was looking for a group to kill the Headless Horseman (only here for Halloween) i offered my help... or more exactly my GF offered her help and told them i would come aswell. An hour or so went by as four of us waited to get ourselves a healer, my partymembers kept spamming the GuildChat but those online were happy to not replenish life for a change aswell.
We came across a Holy Paladin and we asked him if he was after [The Horseman's Helm] as we already two warriors in the group (not me, i already got it on my Warrior :P ). He said he wasn't but was demanding an inmediate invite if we needed him, my GF didnt like his attitude and didn't trust him so she told him nevermind, followed by a "I dont need your damned helmet!".. lovely chap.
Half an hour later still no healer so someone else in the party desided to give this guy a shot, i requested to put loot on ML just in case... worst thing that could happen is him wiping us then.
First thing he noticed when he joined was Masterlooter and asked us to take it off. "You don't trust us?" i asked him and he replied that none of us could be sure the current ML wasn't a ninja. I told him i trusted him 200% and any of us did so he had nothing to worry....
And the ML told him it was not gonna happen so he left the party (we didnt kick him btw), who knows what would have happened if we gave him his way.

Shortly after another Holy Pala was looking for a group, with loot still on ML and being desperate we gave him a shot.
He seemed a nice guy, unguilded with mostly Blue and Green loot.. whatever healing gear he could get with clashing colours looking like a Harijuku Girls. Luckily he did his job well and he got some rings for various specs so he was probably just as happy we teamed up, after we all used up our summon my GF walked away with the Helmet and the other warrior with the DPS ring, the mage had the nice caster ring and i had some time away from Shatt.
My Girlfriend suspected this guy was an alt so she asked him afterwards, she was right... this pala was the alt of someone playing at Sora which is the number one raiding guild on our server. Guess you never know what you might run into :)

I tried to kill the last 2 hours away from Wow for a change as i started up my Xbox360 and play some Half Life. But instead the xbox decided to kill itsself, big was the shock when i saw the Red Ring of Death (RROD)... quickly followed by a second wave when i realised i broke the seal on it and wouldnt be able to return it. Guess i'll have to do the towel trick and pray it will work. More hanging around in Shattrah for me i suppose, first my TV broke down and just before i get it back (this Friday) the xbox breaks down... think Blizzard has some ninja hackers running around trying to keep me in the World of Warcraft?

For who hasn't seen it yet: a quick demo on the Use-function on the Horseman's Helm: (it's more fun with sound on actually)

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