Friday, October 5

Alting a waste of time

Some people can play his character endlessly... i myself love to play a different character now and then, often called my alts.
Even without new content im sure i could play WoW for quite a long trying all different kind of classes before getting bored with the game.
So at the moment i'm playing my warrior which i specced Protection to run our Alt Karazhan run and spending quite some time on gearing him up. Not just gathering materials to get myself some nice stuff crafted but also running instances (mostly pugs) and even doing some PvP. (which sucks major as a prot warrior i can tell you... but with just 33gold left respeccing is out of the question :( )

Maybe spending time and more importantly gold on a character which is not my main may seem like a waste i beg to differ, this game is about fun and if i have more fun on an alt.. why not spend some on it?
But i have an other problem aswell: Leveling!
My warrior alt is level 70 but my shammy alt is 36 (or something around that) which i liked to play alot aswell. A few weeks ago i read that Blizzard was planning to make leveling easier and since then i haven't dared to play my Shaman anymore... i'm in the dreaded STV level-zone at the moment and i would feel cheated if i could have limited my time there and i didnt wait for it.
So i'm not leveling any more alts in the 10-60 zone, which the change will effect.
In meantime i've read (think on wowinsider) that they expect to implent this in patch 2.3 so it won't be long anyway. Not just xp-bars will be shorter, also quests will grant more xp is the current plan i think

I'm not 100% sure if this is a good idea still as there will be soon players out there with alot less experience playing their toon.. PUG's might be in for a bad time, at this moment 7/10 PUG's still work out okay but that might drop fast in the near future.
I already gave out the title "Worst PUG 2007" but perhaps we'll have a new titleholder soon.

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