Monday, October 8


Bah.. i'm taking another day off at blogging, it's not like this is a highly visited blog anyway. I tried to advertise it a bit, swapped some links with other bloggers (altho all but one never put their link up in the end and i don't want to be a winy little bitch so i'm probably just gonna take their link down in return) and added my blog to a couple of search engines.
For some reason visits have it's ups and downs but in the end its just a handfull... at least, if i trust my sitemeter. It could be just random hits from search engines and the people who arrive on this site don't actually bother to read this stuff. (and who can blame them?)

Anyways, i'm quite busy at the moment.. i have barely time to read up on wowinsider and my guild's website, let alone do some serious blogging. Altho, could it ever be called serious? Which reminds me, need to read up on tactics aswell. Managed to miss the guild's first on Morogrim (gratz guys, sorry i couldnt be there) and while i took a glance at most other boss tactics in there, i need to have it fresh in my memory before tomorrownight, preferably view a few films aswell.
Guess i'll do that before tonights Alt-Karazhan run, hope there is a spot for me as it is good fun tanking in there.. nice change from my usual Hunter tasks.

For someone who didn't have time i wrote quite a lot of nonsence again, how i amaze myself at times :)
But let's end this one with a small request; drop me a note if you managed to read up to this and let me know you actually read this junk... perhaps i'll do some more effort keeping my postcount up even when work is crowding me. ;)


Mansch said...

Yes I do read you nonsense when I'm bored with work and my guild forum has nothing new. So keep up the good work, it is entertaining.

Exanimo said...

Woot.. i got a fan! sorta... ;)

The Eternal n00bie said...

You know I catch up when I can!

Funny enough, I was just having the same thoughts over on my site recently. I know that we bloggers are not supposed to write for comments, most of our readers are lurkers anyways and I appreciate my readers as few as they are and I keep writing for myself and for them, but sometimes I do wish they would write every now and then!

(And for someone who was taking a break -- you sure have kept up with your posts!)

Exanimo said...

Yeah got a break at work here all of the sudden allowing me to continue where i left off.
Planned to just skip 1 day actually but that didnt work out either :P