Friday, October 12

I'm running dry!

Hands of me Gold matey... Harrr!I never had this problem in the past but i'm running out of gold faster then a Korean guy can spam his gold-sell macro's... Repairs are a real bitch while trying to learn new encounters and the needed pots aint exactly cheap either.
My warrior alt is a Herbalist so i try to pick most herbs myself but still have to pay 30g for a crappy Fel Lotus, what the hell is up with that? Can't Blizzard upgrade the droprate of these bastard veggies a bit?

So how much does a raidnight cost me?
Repairs: 30g
2 Hour Flask: 31g
Arrows: 8g

I'm not counting the time i need for picking the remaining pots or grinding for food here, just the plain costs per raidnight. Some nights i have more repairs, some less.. will likely average on simething like this. But thats 69gold a night!
You have any idea how many dailies i'd have to do to just keep raiding? 6 dailies don't seem like much but i have to do this every raidday just to be able to keep raiding... and i rly hate doing the same boring quest over and over again, screw that rep! >.>

Maybe i shouldn't have spend that AH alt's money on that purple helm i made for my warrior, but he has a craving for Epix aswell... so now i have to start the grinding game like all the other big spenders out there i guess. /roll

On a lighter note; i was AFK'ing all of the time during yesterdays raid so i stepped out on backup at the start as i was afraid that was gonna happen. (Still some chours in the house and with the weather getting colder outside it was about time we got some windowscreens and curtains in the livingroom ;-) ) Anyway the raid started on Hydross which they 1-shotted and same did happen to Lurker. By the time i got back to the keyboard they were heading to Morogrimm and it was still damn early so it wouldnt surprise me if he went down aswell.
Good to see the guild making good raidprogress again after the summerbreak hit us that hard.

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Exanimo said...

Just found out Morogrim did go down (2nd attempt as they lost the MT) and the next boss Karathress was 1-shotted after that aswell.
Good job guys :D