Tuesday, October 30

Lootwhores R Us

It's was time for Karazhan again and while things looked grim at first we suddenly had enough healers, mainly thanks to one alt switching to his main Paladin.
So were off to the Curator, the damage check in the instance. Sadly enough with a second Protection warrior on DPS and quite an ammount of alts it seemed we weren't quite ready for him yet. Two wipes later we swapped out a few people and we were able to kill him the first try.
[Wrynn Dynasty Greaves] dropped which were a nice upgrade for me and the T4 Gloves which went to my Warlock m8 who we're trying to gear up for SSC and beyond.

We moved on to chess as we wanted to do Prince first and besides some deaths due to being overconfident we got there reasonable quick. Chess first which was quite easy as usual and the chest had a Healing shield which went to a Resto Shaman (the Paladin passed on them after winning) and [King's Defender] which again was one of the things i was after. The other protection warrior we swapped out for the Curator had logged off and gone to bed when i wanted to get him back in after killing it. This ment there wasn't any competition so i was the lucky warrior here. :P

Next up was the Prince, we swapped in a few mains who still required loot and i would get a shot at tanking the Last Boss in Karazhan (altho some say Nightbane is the real last one). I didn't see shit which such a big boss in front of me and wall behind me so i just did what i had to do; minimize damage taken, maximaze threat and reposition according to what i heared on Teamspeak. I couldn't believe how fast it seems to go if you are just focused on staying alive and not looking at that health slowly going while dps'ing.... we 1 shotted and i lived :)
Would like to say it was a great achievement but it's nothing more then keeping Shield Block up (so i didn't get crushed), use the debuffs, keep Commanding Shout up and use the rest of the rage for maximum threat generation.
I forgot to ask if people had to hold back which happens often when i need to dps myself but while i was quite a bit ahead most of the time i expect i did good on that aswell.
Two out of three items went to my Warlock m8 which was one of the main purposses for me that run anyway.

The night was young and i had to choose another target; either Illhoof, Shade, Netherspite or Nightbane.
As we did Illhoof and Shade last week and didn't do Nightbane in a long time (some were along especially for him each run again) we went for the Dead Dragon.
Luckily for me we had a Dranei Priest along who had Fearward, he had to switch out of shadowform all of the time but as we one-shotted it even tho 3 of our people died i guess it was worth it.
[Panzar'Thar Breastplate] dropped and both me and a different warrior alt rolled, i won the roll which kinda made me feel bad. But as the other warrior was Arms and this was clearly a protection chest i went to me... i'm still not sure if he was joking on the roll or not as i said: Roll need for [Panzar'Thar Breastplate] (Lootwhores only :P ). The other item was a healing stave which went to Holy Priest alt, the entire run only produced 1 shard and i got to tank two new bosses which just leaves Netherspite on the list. (Omg.. i should make a list!)

Let me add to this one saying that it is very very hard to lead a raid when you are maintanking. I can't often see anything around me when up close to a boss or i need to spam buttons to maximise threat and/or minimize damage taken. Sure i could decide on who to rotate in our out and where we would go next but during action pressing the press-to-talk button with my pinky could be quite tricky.
Luckily most people know exactly what to do by now, even on mispulls and with relative new classes... about half of the group were still alts.

Funny thing just yesterday i posted something about getting some loot and then nothing for weeks, i might have that on my alt aswell for a while now aswell... eventho it was a rollraid. But what worries the most is the 6 new gems i need and 3 pricy enchants... ouch.


José said...

Heya Exanimo!

It's Wrathyr / Yaerienn, the mage you recruited recently.

Was trying to log on Elysium website to inform guild about my absence but it seems I have not been given admission as of yet :(

First I have a 3 days long trip and then I had to reinstall my whole net (as well as WoW with all the patch downloads) which took another 2 days. Could you please tell the officers for me? Have tried to contact them, sent Thebhoy couple of emails through the msn adress he gave me but no response. :(

Thanks in advance,

W. :-)

(btw that's my blogspot, but it's written in Spanish which is my mother tongue though)

Exanimo said...

Will copy this into the officer section Wrathyr, thanks for stopping by :P